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Anyone with a medela swing?

Also in bfing

Hi ladies

I took the plunge yesterday an invested in a medela swing, have only used it twice but so far impressed.....

Only question is how does anyone else clean theirs? It says on the instructions to sterilise once a day and just wash up after every use, but I'm feeling very wary of not sterilising it between uses??

What does anyone else do?

Shanee and Ryan 3weeks 5days


  • I am using it and like you am very impressed

    I must admit I sterilise between uses. It only takes 5 minutes and I feel happier if I do.
  • I have done so far, just don't see howit can be right not to
  • Breastmilk doesn't harbour bacteria like formula, it actually has antibiotic properties. So you don't have to be as obsessive about sterilising. I just chuck the whole thing (obv not the motor!) in the fridge if I'm plannin several expressing sessions in a day, then get it out, wap frostily on boob, plug and go!
  • No doubt a silly question, but why in the fridge? I'm trying to pump after most feeds at the moment as I think his top up bottles have interfered with my supply to trying to increase it so it would definitely save time, especially at night x
  • I put the bottle in the fridge complete with the expressed milk! Pump into bottle, detach tubing, chuck in fridge, milk and all, then just take it out and express more into it after the next feed. We generally use it within a day anyway.
  • Sorry thanks hun, knew I was no doubt being completely stupid!
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