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g/c from bij - do you think this is a growth spurt ?

hi april ladies - lo has gone from napping well in the day and sleeping from the df til 7 to not napping longer than 45 mins in the day making him over tired and waking over night where the only thing to settle him is food ! In your experience does this sound familiar to you is it a phase or should i be worried ? Xx thanks girls x


  • Hi hun

    I think it could be a development thing. They are learning so much at around 4 months that it often makes them wake in the night. Or it could possibly be teething? Has he shown any signs of teething?

    Hang on in there and it will get better.

  • Thanks hayley i did wonder if it could be teeth as he is dribbly and chews his hands and his runnier nappies !! Cant feel any teeth though x im hoping he gets through it soon , feel like all my hard work in getting him to self settle is being reversed cause i have to rock him to sleep now !xx
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