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Being sick after every feed

Does anyone have any ideas what this might be?

LO has her bottle then just starts being sick. It can happen straight away, a few minutes after or even hours after the feed and it happens several times after each feed. Sometimes it is just like she bringing the milk back up and this will come pouring out of her mouth or streaming out of her nose but quite often she brings up hugh lumps of curdled milk. She's not really phased by it but does get panicky and starts to cry when it happens a couple of times and when it comes out of her nose.
This has been happening for a week now. Is this normal or should I get some advice? (I can't keep up with all the washing, she's going through 3-4 outfits and about a million muslin squares a day!)

K x


  • It sounds more than what rhea brings up, but rhea is a very sicky baby, brings up milk after every feed, mostly the way it has gone in, but sometimes if it has gone on longer it gets curdeled (sp) & she starts to cry cause of the taste but after a min or so is fine. Does ur lo bring up much wind? Rhea doesn't which is why I think she's sick a lot.

    Don't no if this helps.

    Jayne xx
  • Holly-Kate brings up lots of wind! Sometimes I'm quite shocked at how loud and big her burps are (she could give her Daddy a run for his money). I'm just really stumped as to what it could be. Her sick curdles straight away- she could swallow it then sick back up within minutes in lumps.
  • Could be reflux i guess but I'm not sure if she'd suddenly get this out of the blue. Normally it's a problem when they're younger and then they grow out of it. Personally i would check with the doctor if it's a lot and after every feed.
  • g/c from born in may - this just started happening to my LO at 12 weeks and it is reflux. Doctor gave infant gaviscon and it has worked wonders. Could be worth trying?

    Also I moved her up a teat size which has helped with the wind situation! x
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