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Converting pram?

Just wondered if anyone has any idea when we should do this. I have the Pilko Switch and DD seems to be getting very bored in the pram part and won't fit in there much longer either. So when is it safe to convert? She has good head control, can roll over really well and is trying to sit up.

She is 18.5 weeks by the way.

I tried to see whether there was any guidance on the internet but couldn't find any.



  • My LO has been in her pushchair part since about 12 weeks - she loves it. I think we had a particularly short pram as she filled it very quickly. She sounds quite strong so I'd say go for it. I found the combination of lying the backrest down and the straps meant she was quite comfy and secure without having to rely on her core strength to keep her upright x
  • We coverted when rhea was 10 weeks. She was able to lie semi flat in pushchair mode. We have the pramette. She had good head control. We have now converted to our lightweight buggy which she sits in a semi sitting position & very comfy in. She's 22 weeks, I think, lost count, bad mummy. Anyway she's 5 months.

    Jayne xx
  • the guidance is 6 months, due to back development. we have switched dd over now (5 months) , but still have the stroller part in lie down mode. she outgrew her carrycot at 4 months.
  • we had to switch dS just before 4 months, because he's so goddamn tall. However, we have a Herbie and have it in parent-facing lie flat mode so he's still practically flat anyway!
  • Amelia has been in her 'reclined' buggy since 12 weeks and loves it.
  • I moved Daisy at about 12 weeks. She is in a parent facing M&P Sola which is suitable from birth as it does lie flat, but we usually have it slightly raised as she is very nosy and likes to see what is going on!
  • I changed ds to buggy mode at 14weeks as he's such a nosey boy ad was getting frustrated being in the pram. We've got the bugaboo so he's parent facing but horizontal in a sitting position if that makes sense x
  • thats the same as dd in her icandy, but i put a foam newborn insert off her carseat in the dip to make it lie flat.
  • Thanks guys I think I'll change it next week. Yesterday the little monkey grabbed hold of the strap covers (like an oversized nappy) and tried to use them to pull herself up to sitting! She couldn't quite manage it though but got about half way. I couldn't belive it x
  • I changed our pramette to pushchair mode today with a nostalgic sniffle. Officially you're supposed to wait till 6 months but Grace has been ready a few weeks if I'm honest - I just wanted her facing me for as long as possible! She's 21 + 2 weeks btw.

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