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What do you do with you lo during the day?

Finley now basically refuses to sleep during the day. He probably sleeps for about an hour to an hour and a half spread out over the day from 7am to 8pm.

The thing is I am struggling to think of ways to keep him entertained.
At the moment we do water babies on a Monday and because he loves swimming so much I also take him to the local pool one to two times a week. I am trying to find a baby massage class to do but am stuck from there.

At home we listen to music, he goes on his play mat but will only stay for about 10 minutes before he gets bored/grumbly, I sing to him, he has a bouncy chair that he quickly gets bored of, I read him stories and we go for walks.

Does anyone else have any ideas on things we can do or toys etc your LOs like.
I want to stimulate him as much as possible but he seems to get bored so quickly.


  • We have baby social on Mondays, Music and Movement Wednesdays and Water Babies Fridays. I'm going to add in swimming at the local pool like you as he loves WB. Other than that I'm a bit stuck too...he doesn't show any interest in toys yet...

    So hard to know whether you're doing enough isn't it?
  • I'm glad you posted this wif - I thought I might be the only one struggling. One day a week we visit my parents (and normally go out for a long walk there), we go to a parenting class once a week, she spends a little time on her mat (though not keen on this) and in her chair (not really keen on this either!). What she will do is lie on my lap for ages gazing out the window...We are trying out a Sing and Sign class this am. The lady takes newborns - obviously they don't learn signs yet but I am going to see if she likes the music. If so, we'll do that once a week.
  • It is really hard to know if you are doing enough.

    KayeCee I would love to hear how your sing and sign class goes.

    I think I will give my local sure start a call and see what they do.

  • Definitely speak to surestart Wif, they do things everyday round me. I don't really know what I do with my days, they seem to just disappear in a blur! If I have things to do in the house then I get these done in between feeding and rotating Benjamin between his playmat, chair, and other favourite spots in the house. Mostly we try to do a different activity each day - go to play group, baby massage, baby cinema, go shopping, go for walks, go and meet friends etc. Sorry, don't think I've been very helpful but definitely call SS - they're great! Also netmums is worth a look xx
  • Sing and Sign (it's actually called TinyTalk was fab!) and Matilda and I have signed up for the rest of the term. The babies were all under about 18 months and there was Matilda (5 weeks) and a 9 week old. I felt a bit silly taking her but the foundation of the lesson is songs with actions (so she sat on my lap and I moved her arms and legs). The kids were all given instruments and then the older kids and adults signed along with the songs. She had a good time (although managed to sleep through the screaming at the end of 'I'm going on a bear hunt!'). Definitely worth a look! x
  • I meet up with both my NHS and NCT antenatal groups each week. Tomorrow we are going to baby cinema for the first time and I plan to start buggy fit and swimming once I've had my six week check.

    I try to plan something every day as it's hard being at home all day with her, she doesn't sleep much either so it can be a bit full on, especially if she's having one of those days where it's cuddle or cry! I try and take her out for a walk in the pram most days and we spend a bit of time each day on the baby gym and having tummy time.
  • I really have to get myself some of this baby cinema action!
  • This is really hard I know. I do various things. Bouncer, swing, playmats x 2 and I've also got a highchair that is suitable for newborns so I bring her into the kitchen with me and talk her through whatever I'm cooking. We sing and sometimes do some massage. However, by 4pm - I've decided she must be bored out of her brain as we do this everyday.

    I try to get out once a day as well - I got to Water Babies on Saturday and Baby Peep on Monday. About to start Music with Mummy on the 9th as well.
  • Baby cinema sounds great, wish they did it in my town.

    While I was at the pool with Finley today I saw an advert for buggy fit so Iam going to start that next week.

  • Baby cinema does sound great! Ruth - where do you go for that?

    H x
  • Wow u ladies do so much I'm feeling a bit of a rubbish mother as I don't do anywhere near as much.
    My little one basically sleeps and feeds all day and that's it. He is awake for maybe an hour when I talk to him and try to engage with him. I'm trying to do some tummy time with him too. He spends the day sleeping on his bouncer and sometimes I put him in his swing.

    Problem is my little one was premature and currently still only weighs 4lb 5oz. This means I'm not allowed to take him swimming or go to baby massage yet. It also means he is asleep a lot as he's growing so much. But I feel like I'm doing a rubbish job and that I'm letting him down and I should be stimulating him more. I know I probably just have to wait a few more weeks. His due date was only last wk so I guess hesabout 5 wks behind where he should be. Just feels rubbish

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