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Qu for those bathing bubba every day...

We gave Lucas his first bath at home last night and much as he didn't seem to like it he settled so well afterwards and we managed 8 hours sleep over 3 periods which has never happened before. Much as it could be coincidence we're going go make bathing part of the bedtime routine.

Question for those of you doing the same is what, if anything, do you use in the water? Lucas has typical newborn dry skin in various places, so I was wondering if it's worth using baby or olive oil in the water to prevent his skin drying out further?

Any opinions welcome!

H and LJxx


  • We don't bath every day, but when we do we just bath in plain water. I then wrap him up in a warm towel, dry him off gently, then massage olive oil into his skin one it's mostly dry. He loves it!

    I'd go with olive or sweet almond oil over 'baby' oil anyday - I have issues slathering my baby in what is essentially a cheap byproduct of the petrochemical industry tarted up with artificial fragrances - but then I am a mental yoghurt weaving hippy and you are free to disregard my personal preferences in favour of your own!
  • We don't bath Oliver every day. I use olive oil in a bowl of water and just put it on the dry parts.

    H x
  • Thanks ladies!

    Oh Beth, you do make me chuckle! I'd prefer to use olive oil any day I agree with you!

  • We bath Benjamin every day (in the big bath with me). He absolutely loves it. We just use plain water and haven't used anything at all on his skin. He has bits of newborn dry skin but my MW said there was no point putting anything on at all as it would have to come off and all that putting oil on would do it delay this...but is this right? He is a month old and still has little dry bits?? Sorry Renri, I should start my own thread!! xx
  • We are bathing Finley every night. He loves it and definately settles alot better if he has his bath.

    We don't put anything in the water. Finley did have really dry skin and the midwife said we could put olive oil on it to help him. We did this a couple of times but then stopped. It is normal for them to have dry skin in the first feww weeks and Fin's is now all clear.
    We have started using olive oil again though as he has a little massage after his bath.

  • I've heard olive oil can help. I haven't been putting anything in. I bathe Amelia every other day and have taken to massaging her on the other day with sweet almond oil (after a quick top and tail). Both the bath and massage help to send Amelia off so that's great.
  • I used olive oil and her skins gone lovely now. I wouldn't put any baby products in as this can dry their skin out even more x x
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