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Here I am!

Hellloooo! I've missed you all! Will need to spend some time catching up on threads so I know what you've all been up to!

We are all settled in Scotland and have the internet now (hurrah!)! Matilda has gone backwards with her sleeping - wakes 3 / 4 times in the night and half the time ends up in bed with us. I WILL be trying PUPD but until her room is decorated and she's back in her cot (in a travel cot with us at the min) seems a bit fruitless.

She's also doing a weird thing with her milk where she screams when I try to feed her but will quite happily eat any other food I give her.

In other news, I've lost a stone in two weeks on the Cambridge diet (evil but effective!) and am looking forward to my holiday in Oct being a bit lighter!

Ahhhh, feels good to be back! image

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  • Whoo hoo nice to have u back!!!!

  • Hey! We've missed you! Soooo with you on the sleeping habits - I was just thinkingntoday how Grace did used to sleep through with just one feed but it seems so long ago I've forgotten what it was like and am now ecstatic if she wakes only twice!

    Well done on losing a stone in 2 weeks - that's amazing!!!!

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