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help..... confused !! :-/

hi im just wondering if any1 can help me ? my little boy was born on 12th april my c-section and im now on the contreception injection but my boobs have got milk spots and got what i wud say milk forming in them ??? carnt understand it though as my baby is nearly 5mth old now so thought that would ov cleared up and gone by now ? but the past week ive started gettin heartburn and tired all the time.... anno it dont help when ive got 4 little 1s the oldest been 3 and wont be 4 til feb nxt year so maybe thats why im tired but still carnt understand the other bit ?? can any1 help me please ? xx :?


  • no real advice really but a friend of mine had milk for 2 yrs after having her son. if she squeezed her nipple she could express drops of milk. the doc just said it was hormonal. i no you are on the injection but maybe take a test and rule out pregnancy? sorry not really much help am i!
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