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Let Us Know When You Start To Show!


Can't wait for a bump image

Let us know when you start to notice a bump!!


  • I have already got a noticable bump! My neighbour came out today and said she hadn't realised i was expecting! I think she was a little surprised when i told her i was only 8 weeks :lol:

    I'e show quite early with all my pregnancys but this is definately the soonest x
  • I'm also showing!! It's my third and I'm skinny so I think that's why but it's clear I'm pregnant!! Probably just major bloating that won't go down tho lol x
  • I'm showing too but it's not bump, just bloating! I feel about 5 months gone at night lol

    I loved having my bump and can't wait to be showing properly. I had to get my maternity stuff back out again but am pleased that most of it doesn't fit yet image
  • Im just bloated, feel bigger than i look. Cant wait for a proper bumb either, im about 8 wks now x image
  • Im 8 weeks +1, and I have a noticeable bump!! Some bloating, but it never goes away :lol: People who dont know Im pregnant will def. start guessing soon
  • Ooh, is this going to turn into a photo thread? I love looking at those and dreaming about the day I have a bump of my own! Hopefully it won't be too long now either!!! I'm only 6+3 with my first so no bump yet for me though. X x
  • I'm also showing im 9+1 and defo have a little bump i cant wait for it to get big this is my 4th and i loved my big bump !

    We'll have to start taking pics xx
  • I start taking photos at 7 weeks and will take a photo EVERY week to see all the process image
  • Yummymummy27

    Just a quick question, i was just wondering how you worked out how many weeks you are? I'm due the day before you and i worked out that i'm currently 8+6. Just wondered how you had worked yours out because you'd be 9+3 today. I don't want to be getting mine wrong and i'm actually furthur ahead :lol:
  • Hey girlies,

    I'm only 6+4 so doubt i'm actually showing any proper bump yet however so so bloated that my tummy is looking very round, eek!! This is my first so not really sure when you know that the bloating is turning to baby?! Very exciting though, I really can't wait to have a proper big bump image

  • Hi 4under5 ,

    I had a early scan a few weeks ago and they said i was around 7 weeks due 2/4/2012 , then i saw my midwife 2 days later and she said to go off my period dates which would make me due 28/3/2012 and 9+ weeks now , she said those early scans are never very accurate as the bean is far to small , so to be honest until my 12 wk scan on 14Th Sept I'm abit unsure !!! So i'm going off my period dates like she said ,its so confusing isn't it ! So i'm just hanging round DIM & DIA .

  • I'm also going off my period date until I have my scan on the 6th! image
  • Thanks yummymummy, i was a bit confused there :lol:

    I'm also going of my last lmp too although i'm pretty sure it will change at my scan.X
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