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would it be safe?

Im going to butlins skegness with my family in september there first proper holiday

I'm worried about the fair rides as the girls like me to go on the fair with them but im worried that it wont be good for me by the time we go i'l be bout 8 weeks pregnant do you think i will be ok to share the fair rides with them?


  • I have no idea ifthe answer is yes or no hunny.

    But I know what Iam like and I prob wouldn't go on them! But that's because I'd constantly worry!!

    X x
  • Depends how fast/jolting they are I suppose. Based on the fact you can still do exercise, you might be able to go on some but it's going to be dependant on how you feel and whether you want to take the risk. It's a tough one but it's probably a personal decision. Have a lovely time though xx
  • It depends. I personally wouldn't go on anything like dodgems or like muppet says jolty things (though mainly cos atm i'd puke lol) , but gentle things should be OK. TBH im being uber careful with everything atm. I have stopped riding my horse and am even trying to decide if im going to go to the football next sunday. xx
  • Yeah thats what i was thinking but feel guilty that i carnt join in on the fair hopfuly there will few small rides i can share.

    i went for my jog today manged 15 mins image got tired lol and got a major sore boob in the process but only wen im jogging!
  • Hiya image

    I remember years ago when PG with DS just dropped in conversation with Midwife that i was going to Alton Towers for a family b'day and she point blankly told me not to go on any rides especially the fast ones , This was 7 years ago so not sure if the same rule applies but if it was me i wouldn't want to risk it .

    Hope that helps Hun xx
  • Most rides advice pregnant women do not ride. I wouldn't risk it. I absolutely love rides and hate that I cant do any for the next 9 months but its not worth the risk I don't think. xXx
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