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Doctors Appointment

Well I had my first doctors appointment today, been looking forward to it, even though I knew they wouldn't do much.

I have my first midwife appointment on Thursday, the doctor wanted to make it as soon as she could cause I have had a blood clot in the past and thought it would be best to meet with the midwife to discuss it.

Will only be 7 weeks on Thursday, is this early for a midwife appointment?


  • I had my initial midwife appt at 7 weeks but the actual booking in will be at 9 weeks. Not sure why they didnt do it all together!
  • I had my mw appointment last Monday, at about 6.5 weeks.
  • I'm not seeing my MW until I'm 10 weeks, although I think this is because its my 2nd pregnancy as I saw them at 6 weeks last time round and when I phoned them this time they asked if it was my first pregnancy or not.
  • Ah I thought that would be my booking in appointment, aw well still some time off work image
  • Here booking app is between 8 n 12 weeks, 6wks today n not even heard from midwife.

    Can't wait to c her tho cos it'll make it all that bit more real!

  • Yeah I'm looking forward to it, like you say will make it feel more real.
  • I've got my booking in with the gp on weds and then she refers me to the midwife, last time my appointment was 11weeks x
  • My app for mw is booked for 9 weeks and all being well, this will be my first baby. Apparently they like to see us here between 8-10 weeks. Exciting stuff! X x
  • my booking is at 8 weeks, then mw will refer for a scan at 12-13 weeks (probs 13 image ) They won't see people before then here as they don't want to waste time! cold.
  • I've got an appointment to see the Midwife on the 8th Sept when I will be 7+3 according to my doctor.

    It's confusing how they work you out to be further along than you actually are! Why do they do that?

    Michelle xxx
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