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Just saying hello...

Hello everyone,

I have been hanging arround the TTC after mc forum as I lost my little bean at 5 weeks in june. However i am preg again and am around 5+2 today... So i guess i will be due around 20th April.

I have no symptoms whatsoever... so taking it one day at a time just in case things go wrong this time around!! i really want it to be a sticky bean this time!! Have my first doctor's appointment tommorrow and will ask for an early scan if possible!

congratulations to everyone. Hope we all have a happy and healthy 9 months image


  • Welcome bundleofhope, I'm sorry to hear about your previous miscarriage, I hope this is a sticky bean for you. image

    I'm about 5 + 3 so very close to your dates. I had my first doc appt the other day and she said my edd is 24th April at the mo.

    I also really want to have an early scan at about 8 weeks. Just think I'll feel much more comfortable if I can see a heartbeat and I'm terribly impatient and know I wont be able to wait for 12 weeks.image

    Anyway, good luck and hope you have a very healthy and happy 9 months. Xx
  • Congratulations and welcome image

    Sorry to hear about your mc. I really hope all goes well for you this time. I had 3 mcs before I had my little one so understand how scary it is. Even though I've had a successful pregnancy I'm still very worried and will be booking an early scan if I can't get one from the mw!

    I'm due 22nd April so also very close to your date!

    I look forward to chatting with you more image

  • Hi Gen82 and LittleP .. congratulations to you both. Nice to know that we are due around the same time.

    I had my first doctor's appointment today. she said as long as I have only slight cramps and no bleeding/severe pain, she won't refer me to EPU or for a 8 week scan :evil:

    So i just have to keep my fingers crossed, hope for the best and pray that the next 7 weeks pass quickly though I am sure I will go insane by then :lol:
  • Congratulations hun! I mc' last month so have got no lmp to go by but for now have been guessing my edd as 20th april! Also have dr's today- this afternoon. Fingers crossed these are sticky beans.

    Have you considered a private scan to give you some reasurrance? I'm lucky enough to work in a fertilty clinic so going to ask one of my colleagues to scan me on Saturday x
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