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Clothes getting tight !!

Hi Ladies how are you doing ??

We've had couple of sunny days here in good Worcester so was deciding what to wear yesterday and everything i put on was to tight !!! well the bottoms tops seem to be OK.

I now only seem to have 1 pair of trousers that i can do up but they are tight none of my jeans fit image I have dug out some of my maternity clothes but they are to big ! think i might have to go shopping today and buy a pair of jeans or something just to bridge the gap !

Hows everyone else doing ??? I 9 weeks today and have defo got a little bump we should start to track our bumps and put some pics on image


  • YM I come from Cheltenham originally!!

    Worcs nice been there quite a few times.

    I'm only almost 6 weeks ( tomorrow !! ) so not struggling with clothes yet!!

    I can't wait to get a bump!! Is this ur first? X x
  • Im seven weeks tomorrow and not got a bump yet. I managed to lose a stone before my wedding and seem to ave put that back on.

    I keep standing infront of the mirror and pushing my belly out to try and imagine me with a bump. Cant wait till I have one for real image
  • FAYE1983 no its my 4th so i think the more babies you've had the earlier you start to show , was reading some pregnancy mags yesterday and there's a few ladies in there at 14 - 20 and have massive bumps already !

    I've been looking through my photos on Face book of my last pregnancy and i looked massive i love it though cant wait for my bump xx
  • my bottoms are tight too but the stupid over the bump trousers never fit me as I've got a massive bum and a tiny waist so they're never tight enough. I hate maternity trousers!!!! I popped to mothercare as they've got buy 1 get one half price on their sale stuff. Just some basic tops but that'll do for when I go back to work from maternity leave next week. I still need to find some trousers - the only ones I have that are comfy are the stretchy waist linen trousers from republic. I might have to buy another pair!!! I too have a little bump but not sure it's baby...I've just scoffed an ice-cream, popcorn and will tuck into some crisps in a moment...oopppsss.
  • Im only 8 weeks +1, and I have a small bump already (no weight gain) so my jeans are getting tight!! Im anxious to see how many babies are inside hahaha
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