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Hi Everyone

How is everyone feeling today?

I had a bit of sickness yesterday but feel much better today, been eating ice lollies and it seems to have helped.

Feeling a bit tired today so having a bit of a lazy day in work (don't tell my boss though image )

Got my first midwife appointment tomorrow, not really sure what to expect.

Hope everyone is good.


  • Well i'm very excited today but that's cos I just got my BFP at long last!

    Just wanted to say skiving is fully permitted by forum friends and good luck tomorrow!
  • Heya Hun!

    I'm shattered too, iv had power naps and everything! Which iv never been able to do before but I'm so tired at the mo!!

    Good luck tomorrow Hun x c
  • Hello

    Good luck at the mw tomorrow.

    I'm 5+3 today and symptoms have stepped up a notch today!! Nausea on and off allll day today and my boobs were much more sore when I took my bra off this evening than they usually are!!

    I'm also reeeeally tired and having little power naps when my Lo does!

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