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Any 30th April Due Date Buddies?

Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering if there was anyone who is due at the end of April? My EDD from my doctor is the 30th April but won't know for definite for quite some time yet.

Would like to speak to other ladies that are as far along as myself to complare symptoms etc with.

This is my first pregnancy and I'm trying not to worry!

Thanks and hope to hear from someone soon!!!

Michelle xxx


  • Hi Michelle - I'm due around 28th April, so just a couple of days ahead of you. We'll be the ones desperately rocking on our birthing balls next spring, crying over all the other BAs and wondering when it's going to be our turn!? image

  • I think I'm with you two! I don't have anything formal yet (my GP was useless but made me an appointment with a midwife for the 8th Sept) but according to internet calculations and all that jazz, I'll be due on 30th April. Apparently 4+2 today. Still hasn't sunk in yet! This is my first pregnancy too and I'm so so hoping everything goes smoothly for us all!x
  • Chelb, I just realised I think we are exactly the same along- 4+2! x
  • Hi Ladies , im due around the 27th April. Just had it confirmed from the docters today and they said the midwife will be in touch to make an apointment.

    Only symptoms i have are sore boobs on a night and in the morning - and lots of niggly pains in my tummy - had these when was pregnant with my little boy and the docter told me it was normal. x x x
  • Yeah sunshinefrankie1 we're the same!! YAY!!! image I have an appointment with my midwife on the 8th too. Although not expecting her to do much. at this stage.

    I used the internet due date calculator and i'm going by that. My doctor explained they calculate from the first day of your last period as a guideline which would put me at 5+3 not 4+3 as I work it as. CONFUSING!!! I just don't want to think i'm at a safe stage when in fact i'm a week behind if you get that?

    _pepper_ I know what you mean lol!! Next April we'll all be cursing at the OH telling them it's all their fault!!!!

    gemmacaiden - I'm having the sore boobs, niggly pains in tummy (which come and go throughout the day, worse at night), certain smells are making me feel nauseous and i'm tired all the time!!!

    This will be my first so just trying to take it easy. Not worry about every pain and think OMG something's gone wrong!!! image I feel that me and hubby are VERY lucky as this was our first month 'trying'...I blame the conceive plus image !!!!!

    Look forward to spending the next 8 or so months with you ladies!!!

    Michelle x
  • I'm having pains in my boobs and feel slightly sick in the morning. Also a strong sense of smell! Yes, I've worked out the 4 + 3 going by the first date of my last period, so perhaps you are a week ahead of me after all? But will still be great to share the experience! This is my first too and am nervous of something going wrong but am just trying to keep positive x
  • How have you worked your dates out Michelle? I have gone from first day of last AF.

    we were ttc for 3 months although not long it sitll felt like a long time as i became a little bit obssessed image

    Its a great feeling when you see that bfp image

    I am a natural worrier but i am trying to stay postive.

    I feel very different from my first pregnancy as i had very bad sickness and nausea and totally exhasted.This time round i feel great , yesterday afternoon felt very tierd , and woke up feeling a little sick today but it passes very quickly.

    My Husband is getting little carried away was trying to look at cots and prams yesterday told him its far too soon! I did let him buy a baby name book though.

    Not long for you midwife apiontments im hoping mine calls to arrange a date soon x x x
  • Hi gemmacaiden,

    I used to work out the due date from the first day of my last AF (which was 25th July) and to work out how far along I am which gives me 4+4 from first day of last AF. But when I saw my doctor I gave him the date if the 1st day of last AF and he estimated 5 weeks?

    It's a really good website and gives you a chart of your progress and how the baby is developing.

    Not feeling too bad today, things seeming to settle a bit. Still quite tired, sore boobs and the ache in tum has been replaced by bloatedness!!! Feel HUGE today which is a strange as I'm already a plus size gal!!! Lol!!!

    Michelle xx
  • Hi all,

    Just checking in to see how everyone is's gone a bit quiet in this thread...(****Tumbleweeds passing****)

    Was really not amused this morning...Hubby decides to make me some bagels for breakfast as I have been goin mad for them recently...took one bite and all of a sudden had to dash off to the loo and was sick as a dog!!!

    Surely it's too early for the sickness to start? Will only be 5 weeks on Monday!

    Also I had a mild asthma attack last night, managed to get it under control quickly thankfully but today my back and chest is hurting. My doctor said that pregnancy can make asthma symptoms worse but again, is it not too early?

    Do I inform the midwife of these things at my appointment?

    Michelle xxx
  • Hi Michelle , aww no hope you are feeling better now.I would definelty mention them to your midwife but its not to early for sickness and other pg symptoms.With my first the day after i tested i was ill until about 10 weeks.

    I had a look at that website its great i loved looking at the pictures of how baby develops seems alot happens from wk 5 to 6. My due date was still 27th April.

    I know what you mean about feeling huge , every night i look like i have got a mini bump but then its gone by morning.

    I had to cancel a night out last night as didn't know how to get away with not drinking without anyone guessing that i was pg. Have yous told any one yet? We have told our parents and our sisters will tell everyone else when we've had the 12 weeks scan and all is ok image
  • Hi gemmacaiden,

    Yeah I've felt fine all day, it was just the bagels this morning. Was okay again after an hour or so....Strange!

    We've told a few people My mum and step dad, his mum and dad and my managers, colleagues and service users at work. Because i'm a carer I have a legal obligation to tell my employers regardless of what stage of pregnancy I'm at so they can risk assess me and limit my working hours and duties. In total there's about 15 people that know which is more than I would have liked but a necessary evil to protect me. Everyone is being really supportive though so it's nice. Plus all the staff are mum's and grandmum's so have people to talk to.

    We won't be mentioning it to anyone else though until past a safe point.

    Michelle xxx
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