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HELP update

Hi ya

Just an update, went to EPAU this morning & had scan only measuring 5wk 3days so alot less than I thought, the first date of last period was around the 2nd july so by my calculations should be around 7wks. Had an internal scan too & found a heartbeat & have got to go back in 2wks, so has put my mind at rest a little bit but still a long way to go yet. Just a bit concerned about the measurements though, any ideas?? xx :?


  • That sounds really positive hun! Are you cycles regular? Did you ov late maybe? xx
  • I think iv heard that a lot of women have their dates moved either way. U could have maybe ovulated later Hun

    All sounds positive x x
  • My cycle is normally 26 days but I think I ov'd late this month which is unusual. Like kayssis said maybe u ov'd late too.

    Sounds good though! X
  • Thanks for your help ladies, I may have ov'd later than i thought as since my last m/c my periods have been a bit irregular, some months i would be 30 days other months i would be 26 days so who knows i suppose time will tell. Am really trying not to get my hopes up as its still so early.

  • I'm glad it was good news at your scan image

    Try not to worry too much about the difference in dates (easier said than done I know!) especially if your cycles have been a bit irregular. Also, they're measuring something sooo tiny that even a mm can make a big difference!

    With my little girl at our first scan when I was just over 6 weeks they measured baby as '5+'. I was certain of my dates, which in the end were right!

    Good luck with your next scan. Let us know how you get on.

  • Don't worry about the dates hun, they'll work themselves out. Once you've seen a hb the risk of things going wrong drops to less than 10% so you can relax a little bit now at least xxx
  • Thanks for your help, I didn't know about the percentage so that is a great bit of news. I will definately keep you updated.

    Nicki xx
  • Hi ya

    Another update with any advise appreciated. Still bleeding constantly, sometimes pink/brown other times a little heavier and red. Only a few spots on my pad too. Don't have another scan until 6th sept but have a feeling i'm not going to get that far. Not really having any stomach pain or cramps yet though. Just driving me crazy playing the waiting game and trying to secing guess all the time. Sorry to go on but i'm driving myself mad,

    Thanks ladies for your support & help.

    Nicki xx :?
  • Oh hunni, it's so worrying isn't it. Did they mention that they saw a haematoma or any collection of blood before..they can cause ongoing bleeding until they're gone or reabsorbed. Fingers crossed it's just something like that. I'd give your epau a call and let them know whats happening, hopefully they'll see you sooner. Hugs hunni xx
  • Got everything crossed for you Nicki, i've read loads of people saying they bled through pregnancy and went onto have healthy babies so try not to worry too much although I know it must be so hard. Take care xx
  • Morning, unfortunately been up hospital all night, had huge clots and very heavy bleeding, they took hcg level and they were half what they should be not sure if I have passed it or not as haven't really had much pain. Was very heavy for 10 hours but has eased loads now just a bit frightened it will start up again. Have got a scan booked for tomorrow to check everything. The doctors not sure if my blood group has anything to do with me m/c as I am rhesus negative, apparantly it causes probs on the second pregnancy. Just wondered if anyone else has any advice for me.

    Thank u lots of love nick xx
  • So sorry Nicki image I don't have any advice but I hope you get some answers. Take care hun.

    Shell xx
  • So sorry to hear your news nicki. take care of yourself. sending you lots of hugs.
  • Oh I'm so sorry nicki, sending hugs xx
  • Nicki- I can't help about rh- but I'm really sorry you're going through this. Huge hugs. X x
  • I'm so sorry to read your update Nicki.

    I'm thinking of you xx
  • Oh nikki I'm so sorry to hear this - I hope you get more answers tomorrow. I didn't know that being rhesus negative caused such problems. Big hugs and I'll be thinking of you xx
  • hiya - sort of g/c - am lurking between here and dim but too scared to join due to mc in march. just wanted to add some advice and say how sorry i am to hear your news - don't know about the blood group but hopefully it sounds like you are over the worst of the bleeding. i had heavy bleeding for a day, with labour pains then it eased right off. the following day, i passed what i think must have been everything that was left, but that was just like an urge to go to the loo, with no pain and over very quickly. really hope you are over the worst of it. take good care of yourself and lots of luck for the future.

  • Hi ladies,

    Thank you all so much for all your help & support Ifound that being on here has made a difference to how I am coping this time round as with my first m/c wasn't on here and felt very alone and depressed. I am unfortunatley having to bow out of the due date site :cry: but am determined to be back in a few months time. Wishing you all the best of luck and i'll be keeping an eye on all of you.

    Thanks again lots of love xxx
  • So sorry to hear this. Look after yourself and I really hope to see you back on here soon.

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