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It's just unbearable now!!

Hey everyone!!

Just me having a moan again!! I can't bare my restless legs any more!! As soon as I sit down to relax or try to go to sleep they go crazy!! They really really hurt and I don't know what to do to stop them!! It has me in tears!! I just need some sleep!! :cry:

Please can anyone help? Any tips to help calm them? I can't take anymore!!

Thanks in advance xx


  • Hey Broodymummy, I'm sorry you're in so much pain and you can't sleep. image I'm afraid I don't have much advice but have you tried talking to your doctor? Hope you feel better soon. image
  • I'm sorry image Talk to your doc & see what they suggest.
  • It might be an old wife's tale but what about eating a banana before bed? Isn't the potassium meant to help (I'm sure I read that somewhere)... worth a try at least. Sorry it's so annoying for you and I hope you can get something to help soon. Try one of the health food shops too, they might know some remedy that could help? x
  • Hey! I ate a banana last night and had a leg massage and it made no difference at all image

    So I'm off to the sea to see what they suggest!! I'd kill for a decent sleep right now xx
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