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Normal to feel uncomfortable at 7 weeks?

Hello ladies, I am 7 + 4 now and very excited (and slightly nervous) about my first scan on Tuesday.

This is my first pregnancy and everything is so new! Is it normal to feel uncomfortable this early on? I'm so bloated (look like I have a mini bump already, but I know it's just bloating) and feel very uncomfortable after eating (and a bit sick, which I know is normal!) No cramps, just a feeling of real heaviness in that area. I know baby is the size of a grape now, so it's not surprisingly that I can feel something going on - but all so new, so I thought I'd seek reassurance from ladies who have had babies before?


  • Yup, totally normal! When I was only about 5 weeks I was getting really bad bloating, which has settled down now (to be replaced by constant nausea, nice). I kept having to undo my trousers when I was driving back from work!
  • Phew... Not sure what I ever imagined it would feel like to be pregnant without a bump yet - guess I assumed I would feel pretty normal. Wrong!
  • Yes!! This is my first but everyone who Ive talked to who has been pregnant said it's totally normal. I am 8 weeks +2, and my jeans get tight & I feel sick after eating. Luckily I have been prescribed AWESOME anti nausea & vomiting medicine which helps me feel a lot better. But yes, totally normal image
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