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Safe to eat? Confused!!

Hey ladies, how are we all feeling?

I was just wondering if anyone can shed any light on a few foods which i've read you shouldn't eat when pregnant but i'm not sure if its right, or why? Anyone heard anything about Ben & Jerrys ice cream, innocent smoothies, m&s belgian chocolate pots or profiteroles (shop bought - also m&s!!)?

This is my first & i'm finding it sooooo confusing trying to keep track of whats safe and whats not....

Hopefully some of you 'pro-mums' can help out image

L xx


  • hmm not heard anything about these things however chances are the markies belgian mousse has raw egg in it, although it may be pasteurised, as most shop bought things are, it will say on the packet. Not sure about profitoroles? Thats a strange one. Eek about innocent smoothies, I have just bought a pile as they were half price but they are kids ones and I'd be very surprised that there was something on the market for kids that pregnant ladies couldn't eat - off to do some research!!
  • can't find anything about the markies stuff so would be a case of checking the label to see if its been pasteurised or not. I eat most things, but avoid the things that the actual leaflets say so I eat prawns and scallops etc if they are cooked through and from a reputable place, I don't eat raw brie, blue veined cheese etc but will eat cooked soft cheeses again as anything would be killed in the heating process. I don't eat pate or liver, both for listeria and vitamin a. I eat some tuna, but canned rather than steak, don't eat swordfish very often anyway! I limit caffeine but do drink cherry coke (blush) in limited amounts. I'll eat smoked fish but that's your choice, I eat my meat cooked through, and eggs cooked through or pasteurised. I do eat mcflurry's but not whippy from a van or wee shop, as mcdonalds have to comform to high hygiene standards. Phew what a list, but I think we get so much advice that the best place to look is the nhs choices website which should have pretty accurate info, this is what I did with no.1 and will continue to do with no2. Hope this essay helps lol!!
  • Thank you so much hun, thats really really helped. I checked the M&S packaging & both things say pasturized egg in the ingredients list so do you think that means its ok to eat or is it still dangerous if its raw? It doesn't say if its raw or cooked, just says pasturized!! If it had been me at the shops I just wouldn't have bought it & got something I knew I could have but OH bought it so now its in the fridge calling me.... Trust me to get cravings for sweet stuff which will make me huge - was kinda hoping to crave carrots or broccoli or something but no such luck!!! xx
  • Thank god about ben and jerry's as iv literally just had some!

    Didn't even think about if I wasn't aloud to eat it!

    Wow this whole what to or what not too eat is hard!

    X x
  • Ha ha i'm the same Faye - B&Js has defo been my biggest craving (well i'm blaming pregnancy cravings although I was the same when I wasn't preggers!!). Soooooooo relieved about that one as 9 months without it would be torture image xx
  • Ha ha yes it would b torture!

    X x
  • pasteurised eggs fine - e.g. shop bought mayo etc is ok. Prawns are ok but not seafood (e.g. oysters). Peanuts are fine and most ice cream is fine too.

    I too avoided pate and soft cheeses and, of course, alcohol and coffee (well, down to one cup of coffee a day).

    It can be confusing but tbh I think a lot of it is 'precaution'. I eat runny eggs because that's how I like them, I don't worry too much. It's personal choice though so don't let others make you eat something you'd prefer not to. xx
  • With ds I followed all the food rules, but am being a lot more relaxed already this time. I had a runny fried egg sandwich because I couldn't say no an reasoned I've never had food poisoning from an egg before, I ate rare but not bloody beef today for the same reason and because thats how it came.

    Prawns my midwife said to avoid but if they were cooked at home and I was happy they were thoroughly cooked I did eat them before xx
  • Thanks for all the advice girls, I think i'm being over cautious as this is my first pregnancy & just scared of doing anything wrong. I think i'll relax a bit after the 12 week mark!! Really appreciate everyone's help though, seems so much to think about so it can all get pretty confusing!! xx
  • My cousin is pregnant and she told be i can't have ham, like prepackage ham? is this true because i live of ham!
  • Im sure pre-packed ham is fine, I'm still eating it and had it with ds, I think it's meats off the deli counter they advise you to be cautious with x
  • phew thank goodness for that,
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