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What to expect at first midwive appt?

Hi all,

I'm just looking for a bit of info! I have my first midwive appointment next Thursday. I went to my docs to tell him I was pg, and he took a urine test and made this appointment for me with the midwife. I will only be 6 weeks next week. So do you think my appt next week will be a formal booking in appointment or do you think it'll be just to get my urine results back (even though I've done 6 tests lol)? I just want something to happen as I feel like I've imagined everything! I'm also worrying a lot about something going wrong :cry: I don't want to wish the whole experience away but I really wish I was past 12 weeks so I could stop fretting! I'm sure we all feel the same though image

Happy and healthy times to you all



  • Our midwives visit us at home for the first appointment. They fill out the green handheld notes and take a general history from you and check bp. Mine also discussed where to have the ante-natal care and delivery as I am having my scans and consultant appointments at the midwife led unit but have to go the hospital for delivery. Last time she gave the green notes to me to keep hold of but this time she had to keep them to send to the hospital because the procedure has changed.
  • its so different everywhere and keeps changing. Last time I had an 8 week booking in (bloods, urine, notes etc etc)and that was it until 12 week scan. This time I had a 10 min appt today (8weeks) which really just handed me my notes and I have to go back next week with my notes filled in and then they'll do bloods, urine and what not. Hope that helps a little, and don't worry it will all feel real soon!
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