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More issues!

So today I went to my GP and I have a suspected prolapsed uterus so I'm off to see the gyne consult tomorrow potentially for a pessary. I'm so unlucky! Feeling pretty positive at the moment as I've not had any pain so hopeful it won't affect the baby.


  • My friend had this recently - make sure you check when the pessary comes out as when she had her little boy no one seemed to know when it actually needed to be removed! x
  • Oh no, you poor thing. I really hope your appt goes well and it doesn't cause any complications.

    Wouldn't it be nice to just have a straight forward, trouble free pregnancy!?

  • Well they didn't do anything to me, just got to hope it pulls back. The consultant said it was odd for a prolapse seen as though this is my first baby. They did a doppler on me and heard a quiet but happy heart beat. He told me to eat loads of prunes so my constipation doesn't make it worse! Yummy....
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