when r u going on maternity leave?

I know we dont have to Let our bosses know yet But im going to. Im thinking of 2 weeks before my due date, going on the thing that yr first is usually late n i dont want to eat into my time off just waiting. I know that u can bring the date forward closer too if needed so if im Struggling can do that. Any advice/sharing of plans appreciated x


  • My last day will be 3rd march, due 15th April. That means only 17 more days at work (I only work Saturday's since ds). As all my holiday needs to be used up before starting my mat leave I'll actually still be on a/l the day before my edd so if this one's anything like ds will give birth on a/l , just hope I get away with it again x
  • I have no idea! I don't want to be off too long before as I don't get great maternity pay so want to make the most of time off with a baby rather than being bored and uncomfortable. I was thinking about splitting leave with my husband but don't know much about how that works.
  • I've got loads of a/l so I'll be finishing late January! I think I'll start my ML at 39 weeks and the rest will be annual leave. Last time I planned exactly the same - for ML to start at 39 weeks and to take all my a/l before that. I ended up moving it forward a week because it was getting a bit much at work so my ML started at 38 weeks. And it's a good job it did because dd was born on my first day of official ML!! (Not necessarily true that first ones are always late - mine was two weeks early, but induced).

    You can always change your mind closer to the time if its getting a bit much, or if you feel you can go on a bit longer.
  • I was Planning starting maternity when am 39 weeks but using 2 weeks holiday before then so will be 37 weeks. I went off 6 weeks before DS and I think it was too long and I had him 10 days early would rather have more time off with the baby x x
  • I am planning on leaving when I'm 35 weeks. Maternity leave will start when I'm 37 weeks. I've decided im going to stay off till after Christmas an then go back to work u think.

    Emma xx
  • I'm trying to decide whether to actually leave work at 36 or 37 weeks (I'll probably use a bit of a/l first). Last time I went off 3 weeks before my due date which was perfect, I was getting a bit bored by the end and then DD arrived on time.

    Not sure whether to take an extra week this time round and whether this one might be a bit early, but will be really annoyed if I end up kicking my heels for 6 weeks before s/he arrives!
  • I have been thinking about this recently. Last time I finished at 36 weeks and DD was born 3 days later as she was early, the annoying thing was I was still classed as been on A/L as my maternity didn't start until 38 weeks so I ended up losing some of my holdiays as company policy is that maternity starts as soon as baby is born. I'm not sure what to do this time round as I don't want the same thing to happen but also don;t want to start mat leave too soon in case this one is late and then I'll end up been at home bored!
  • Well for DS i started ML two weeks before due date and also had 2 weeks holiday - he ended up being two weeks late so I had a total of 6 weeks! Ended up getting very very frustrated and vey very uncomfortable!

    This time around all is a bit different as I am moving.... Im starting mat leave mid Jan and using holidays so that i finish at Christmas - im only working a 2 day week so think thats about 20 daysimage Feeling rather guilty as only started back at start of this month from mat leave;) I told my boss when I was 9 weeks x

    Its a tough decision to make but from previous experience I would say work as long as you can to get t ime with your baby but take your holdays now so that you can enjoy them whilst you are still mobile/activeimage
  • I know its a tricky one! Well im a teacher so dont have hols to take. Think im gonna go off 2 weeks bwfore my dd Then go earlier if i need to.....cant wait!!!! Hope yr all feeling ok x x
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