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I was just wondering when everyones work leaving dates are, I am due 28th April and am leaving work on the 5th April, few people have said to me thats pretty close but I thought that was more than enough time, I dont need to do anything as am more or less ready or will be come that point so I just wondered when everyone elses leaving dates were?

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  • Hiya. Im due 14th of April and my last day at work is the 9th of March. My Mat leave starts at 36 weeks and I have taken a weeks holiday before it starts image
  • I think everyone is different, also depends on what type of job u do. A friend of mine who works full time in an office is leaving 2 weeks before her due date because she is coming back to work after 8 months she wants to take maternity as late as she can so she has more time off after baby being born.

    I am due 24th April and I'm taking my holiday from 24th February then my maternity will kick in after. But I'm taking mine very early because my hubby goes away mid march and 24th feb is when he is on leave before that, also we have to pack up our place and move all before he goes in 2 months time! I am also not likely to go back so dont need to worry about taking it too early and it eating into time with baby.

    U do what's best for u and baby, also don't forget u can change this date back or forth if u find u need to leave earlier or feel u can carry on working for longer

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  • I'm due on the 14th April and my last day at work will be 16th March. Will use some holiday before official mat leave starts, but haven't decided how much yet.

    Last time I was due on the 24th and finished 3 weeks before my due date which was perfect (although she did arrive on time!) - enough time to wind down a bit but I was getting a bit bored by the end.

    This time I've been a bit more tired and I don't want to get caught out as 2nd ones are sometimes early so I'm going 4 weeks before. It's such a gamble though isn't it, as you never know exactly when they're going to show up!
  • I'm due on 15th April and my last day at work is 3rd March...have to use all my annual leave up before starting mat leave so that's the latest I can leave as I'm still on a/l on 14th april. With ds I finished at 35 weeks and had 4 weeks holiday before mat leave started but ds was 9 says early and I had him while still on a/l...we did have to arrange moving home in that time too so didnt have time to get bored x
  • I agree with faye. I'm due 4th April leaving 16th march, ill be 38 weeks. Wanted to give a late date as I know I can always bring it forward if I need to. I'm a teacher and I reckon I cld end up goin a week earlier as I get bigger n work gets harder but we ll c! Hope u all are doing ok, roll on maternity leave hey! X
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