Weight gain

Hi all,

Hope you're all doing well!

I'm 26+3 and weighed today- I've put on 23lb, going from 11st 2 to 12 11 :/ I can't gauge whether that's good or bad although I think its probably a bit more than recommended at this point. I don't mind as long as Bubs is healthy but I was just wondering what everyone else has put on by this stage?




  • I lost weight during the first 14 weeks as I was so nauseaous. Im now 9lbs heavier than I was before I fell pregnant, which is a miracle given the amount of chocolate I have craved lol x
  • I have no idea how much should b put on or anything and don't get weighed by mw.

    But I do know that now I actually weigh the same as I did before becoming pregnant! Because I was so nauseaous and sick for first 4 months roughly, so not put on any yet!!!

    X x
  • Hi

    I'm almost 30 weeks and have put on roughly a stone. Think everyone is different n doesn't matter too.much as long as yr eating well...I'm trying to! X
  • Hi

    Sorry G/C form DIN. Just wanted to say that I put on exactly two stone by the end of my first pregnancy and have already gained 4lbs and I'm only 9 weeks! You tend to slow down at the end and if you are worried talk to your midwife but it will soon come off when you are up and down looking after the baby plus if you breastfeed that takes even more weight off x
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