Feeling low and feel selfish admitting it!!


  • Hiya, I am gatecrashing form due in July, I understand where you are coming from. My friends without babies have seemed to written me off! One of my friends has oranised a girls weekend and didnt invite me as being pregnant I wouldnt keep up! Yes I wouldnt have gone but it hurts to be written off!

    Luckily I have a few friends who are pregnant and we are getting closer so thats good.

    Maybe try and meet more people who are pregnant in your area and form some new friendships?

    I know its sucks hun.

  • Aw Hun I'm sure lots of women go through this some people if they don't have kids or aren't pregnant they seem too think u can't go to anything there for don't invite you!

    Iv not experienced it myself but know a few pregnant women who's friends seemed to not b around or inviting them to things.

    Maybe try saying something to them

    X x
  • It's a hard time and you might just find out who you're friends are but try to remember that it's difficult to relate to someone who has something you don't and they may just be trying not to make you feel like you'd have to come with them or something. Also, it could be that they're finding it difficult to know that you're pregnant and they're not - I know I found it hard to want to be friends with those who were pregnant as they had something I didn't have at that time.

    I have found that my friendships have changed and you make new 'mummy' friends too once you have your baby. It's not so bad though as you know you are there to share the little milestones that not all of your current friends will want to hear. xx
  • Thank you ladies and I know your all completely right, its just nice to be able to air it and know that it happens to other people, am not goner say anything as I just feel like it would strain an already strained friendship so i will just have to accept and move on like you said, ive joined a mum n baby group in my area which am attending on friday as a helper whilst am pregnant and I do have other friends who have kiddies so am goner make more of an effort with them. It does hurt to be fair as we were all so close at one point and have had some gud laughs, am sure these things will continue at some point and if they dont then its there lost, I guess if they are true friends - time will tell!!

    That sounds quite positive reading back, first time ive felt a bit positive this week lol!

    Thank you so much for all your advice it was all very much appreciated and gud luck with the rest of your pregnancys and your babies, your all going to be amazing mummies...

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