nobody here?

does nobody come on here now? how are we all feeling?

im getting bigger by the day and cant wait for him to be here now! i need my body back!! lol


  • Hi ladylewis85 - I still check here every now and again, but I usually go to Facebook to the group that was created for the ladies in this "Due in April" thread.

    I'm starting to feel very achey and uncomfortable now - really want the next 8 weeks to go quickly! Can't wait to meet him!
  • I tend to pop on BE every now and then, but tend to use the FB group.

    I'm feeling ok, having probs with PGP but seems to b better, especially the less I do the less it hurts. But other than that feeling ok. Having a tough few days at mo which means I'm a bit of an emotional wreak but it's not of related.

    Hope everyone else is feeling ok

    X x
  • Hiya, I still pop on to see if there are any new posts aswell as being on the facebook group. Im tired and bump is getting bigger by the minute im sure :lol: Really need to wash clothes and get more organised than I am!! xx
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