Hi all!

I know its pretty quiet here as most people are on the Facebook group so not sure how many people still come here! But I thought it was worth a try image I'm 33 + 6 today and have been experiencing some yellow discharge. The logical part of me thinks its probably nothing to worry about but the panicky part of me thinks there's a chance it could be amniotic fluid. Has anyone else experienced this?




  • I've had this pretty much all the way through Sunshine so I'm presuming it's normal as long as it doesn't itch or have a smell. If it was your waters it would be clear x
  • ur waters are clear hun, it'll most likely be increased discharge as ur gearing up for labour.
  • I had that all of the way through my pregnancy. I rang the community midwife who told me it was normal unless it smelled. I must have looked like a complete nutter constantly sniffing everytime I went to the loo. When you loose your plug, you will know. There is nothing like it. It is jelly like, and mine was huge! Just check with your midwife at your next appointment xx
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