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False Alarm

Hi, I just wondered if anyone has had any false alarms with a Tommee Tippee sensor pad? My LO is 8 weeks old tomorrow and have been using this in her moses basket since she was born with no problems, up until a couple of nights ago and i was woken by the alarm going off for about 3 seconds then started to flash red, i jumped out of bed and shook her tummy and she made a sigh and was just asleep she woke up 10minutes later for a feed and then went back to sleep with no problems, Im not sure what set it off as she seemed fine but it has worried me and i find myself constantly checking her to see if shes breathing, Has anyone else had one of these that has gone off and it been a false alarm?


G x


  • Are you sure it is not the batteries as they run out quite quickly and the unit flashes red when they are running out.?

    HTH SB x

  • Hi, I have the unit plugged in at the mains.

    G x

  • Oh ok. I have had it still making the ticking sound when i have lifted baby out so I think they can be a bit unreliable. Also, I know in moses baskets they can be unstable and this can cause it to go off. Do you just have it in the bottom of the basket or do you have it on board?

    SB x

  • i dont have tomee tipee one but i have angelcare version, this happened to us and it was sensitivity level, we upped this and had no further problems x

  • Hi, we have used the TT one since LO was born, we only stopped using it yesterday and she is 13 months old. In the first few weeks we had a few false alarms, this seems to happen to a lot of people. As hard as it is, try not to worry x

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