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Hiding bump....

Hey all, I'm in need of bump hiding tips, especially for work (office job). I tend to wear trousers and smart fitted t-shirts style tops, but a bump is going to be obvious! X


  • Could you start wearing smart Kaftan type things? Or gradually wear looser and looser tops so that people don't notice you randomly changing from tight tops to loose ones?


  • Good idea about slowly introducing loose clothes!!

    Now to find some
  • I'm having the same trouble, what to wear!

  • I know what you mean, it's a bit of a problem in the early weeks/months.

    I've just had to go out and buy some tops and trousers a size bigger, just to be comfy and my tummy and bbs are getting quite round (I seem to be showing earlier and earlier with each pregnancy!!)  Although tbh, I think I'll tell my boss about the baby after he gets back from holiday next week... no point in him stressing about it while he's away!!

    I don't know about you ladies, I'm really looking forward to being fat and fabulous again.... have you seen the Isabella Oliver maternity collection? Some gorgeous clothes that I never really treated myself to last time.  As this is going to be my last baby I think I'll make the most of it!!image

  • Well I have lost 18lb recently to help everyone especially work say how trim I look.....its going to catch me out I think!

    My tummy feels very full already, I'm looking forward to been pg again coz loved it last time but last time I had to tell my boss at 5 weeks (coz of a bleed) which resulted in a promised promotion not been honoured! So wanna leave it till at least 8 weeks if I can.

    Yeah I skipped on clothes last time.....not gonna this time although it may have to be off eBay image

  • I feel so bloated and I'm not going to be able to hide this pregnancy for very long either. I wear a uniform that's already started straining so I won't really have the choice of what to wear! I was huge last time so I guess I will be this time too!

    Did you wear those bump band things last time? I got a lot of use out of them in the stage between growing out of your own clothes but not being big enough for maternity clothes yet.
  • No I never used bump bands, I don't have many normal size tops I wear mostly leggings and long tops. Could you request a bigger size uniform?

    I'm thinkin for work bubble hem tops image

    I'm gonna get hubby to grab my maternity clothes out of the loft at weekend see what I've got.

    New look did a lot of good maternity clothes so may pop there.

    Today for work I'm in a dress!! image

    Hubby says I DON'T look pg so that's good coz I feel like I have a plump tummy.

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