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What symptoms are everyone having? I've had nagging backache, sore left breast and terrible stabbing tummy pains! Not too sure what's normal coz had no symptoms last time apart from two bleeds. Oh and came into work today and broke down crying for a hour in a meeting!!! Ffs!


  • I dont know if im pregnant yet cant test for another 10 days. But I have been having really bad back lower back pains.

  • Crying in a meeting, bless your heart!! 

    Not really had any symptoms, just tiredness but I'm always tired anyway due to PCOS.... and my perfume smells very 'woody' rather than 'flowery' - smells disgusting, but oddly it smells the same as it did thoughout my last 2 pregnancies!!  If I didn't know I was pg, the smell of my perfume (any perfume) would give it away!! 

    I did have tuggy and sharp pains in my tummy last week and stabbing pain in the bbs, but nothing now.  I did do another test yesterday morning (a cheapie digital from Sainsbury's) and it came up with the word 'pregnant' right away so I'm sure in a few more weeks I'll be vomiting, eating coal and crying watching 'Deal or No Deal' again!!  (fingers crossed anyway!!)

    Good luck tillybob, I hope you'll be joining us!! x

  • Haha! I've had crampy tummy and tuggy feelings on my belly button, sore boobs, a bit of nausea and today the tiredness hit! My little girl keeps waking me up and telling me I'm not allowed to sleep because it's daytime (about 10 mins after she woke from her nap lol!). I'm guessing the sickness will be starting soon, last time my OH only had to pat me on the shoulder and I'd hurl ... him touching me made it worse lol! Hopefully I won't be so sensitive this time! image

  • I don't have any yet, and I'm struggling to remember when they kicked in with my previous pregnancies to compare it to. The only thing bothering me is the heat, it's unbearable and I'm a horrible sweaty mess image Plus when I stand up I feel dizzy and light headed but it quickly passes x
  • I've just had on and off crampy feelings, but that's it so far.

    Like last time I'm wishing for symptoms just so I feel pregnant, but I'm sure when they come I'll be wishing I didn't feel sick!! lol 

    These first few weeks are so scary and worrying, I'm constantly on knicker watch, and long for 12 weeks when I can see it on the screen.


  • Omg squirt I'm always on knicker watch too! Thought I was been stupid so I'm glad its not just me image
  • I think I take knicker watch a bit too far, I suddenly felt a bit *damp* down there (sorry if tmi!!) and I literally just lifted my skirt up and pulled my knickers down to inspect.... right in the middle of our bedroom!!  DH was like "what the f*** are you doing?!?!"  lol!

    I dont have any symptoms left and I dont feel pregnant at all.... bit worried but common sense tells me that I'm only 4 weeks and it takes my body a good 6-8 weeks to relly feel the effects of growing another human in my body!  Hopefully I'll be on here soon moaning how sick I'm feeling!

     I too am looking forward to having a scan so I can stop worrying, can get a definite date and can tell people.  Seems ages away... image

  • Lol my hubby would have said the same! Lol
  • Ahahahaha!!! ChilliMama I LOLd big time! But I do that when I'm due on usually, any dampness and I'm having a look!! Lol. Been a bit worried today as Jess has a rash that came up on her arms and is now on her face and Childminder says it looks a bit like slapped-cheek virus, which can apparently cause miscarriage, so sh*tting myself just slightly :/ doc is going to phone me tomorrow though and hopefully put my mind at ease. Although if he is worried (which I hope he's not) he might send me for an early scan?


  • Oh no! Did you get sorted with Jess, hope all is ok!
  • The GP phoned yesterday morning and told me not to worry too much as it's very uncommon for it to affect pregnancy this early on, and also I won't miscarry unless I get symptoms myself (and even then it's a relatively small chance) so that's really put my mind at rest. That's the trouble with looking at illnesses on the internet lol.

    Jess' cheeks are really inflamed now, looking quite bright!! She's as bubbly and lovely as ever though, it doesn't really seem to  be affecting her that I can see so I'm not too worried.

    I'm still getting a few preggie symptoms so I'm not too worried now. xx

  • I don't really have any apart from boobs feel heavier and going to the loo a lot, which is completely different from my last pregnancy, not sure whether to be concerned or grateful its not as bad, am only 4 +4 so maybe just early days, not telling anyone till 12 week scan, got a feeling the time is gonna drag in x
  • I've had nausea and very sore boobs for the last week. I had period like pains for three days last week before I knew. I've been very tired (an had a couple of afternoon naps, currently on holiday from work) I've also been finding it difficult to finish normal meals so have had to start eating small snacks more often rather than normal meals. I'm loving all the symptoms after 18 months of ttc I'm finding them reassuring!
  • hi all!! chilli i LOL'd so much im like that at the moment i M/C with my last pregnancy and dont know how far gone i am but im getting really bad stomach cramps, sickness and sore boobs for the last 2 weeks just want to do another test to get a stronger positive then i can got to the docs. i never had any of this with my son i didnt find out till i was 11 weeks gone with him then hardly was ill or had any signs at all

  • Oh glad all is well and Jess is ok too!

    Ele......I know what you mean about liking symptoms after ttc for a long time!

  • Hi baby boom . . i think i have all the symptoms that are possible... 

    crampy tummy, morning sickness, acidity, back ache, soreness, tiredness, alwaz sleepy and donno if it is possible but i can see by bumpimage .I know it was too early but i can feel my dresses are tight image

  • Gosh sweet love I certainly think you drew the short straw with symptoms!! Lol
  • I know what you mean about the bump thing sweet love, obviously I don't have a bump yet but I feel bloated all the time which seems to be making me look more preggers than I am. It's making me quite self-conscious! And I'm just waiting for the sickness to kick in properly now. Had it in the evenings with my first and I'd feel nauseous until my partner touched me on the shoulder or whatever and then I'd spew everywhere haha. Think he was a bit put out that he couldn't touch me without me puking lol.

    Hope your symptoms don't last too long hun xx

  • image  that sounds funny... !! even i feel bloated and infact my bump shows up oneday and the other day its becomin flat.... !! I think this bump is acidity bump but not baby

    hope this nature will be changed soon n  i'll see only increasing one.... image

  • The symptoms are catching up with me now too, have felt nauseous and light headed for the last few days and seriously lacking in energy. Also getting that very uncomfortable tugging pain when I sneeze!

    Anyone else comparing symptoms to previous pregnancies? Mine were very different in my girl pregnancy to my boy pregnancy - so far I'm thinking girl x
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