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Let's get to know each other ...

Right, I haven't been on here since I was pregnant with DD 3 years ago, so I think it would be nice to get to know all the April mummies.

So, let us know:

How many children you have (and ages?):
Due date (if you've calculated that yet):
How many children you'd like:


I'll start with me!

Name: Laura
Age: 22
Hometown: Plymouth
How many children you have (and ages?): 1 DD (Jess) aged 3
Due date (if you've calculated that yet): 13th April
How many children you'd like: 3 or 4



  • Name: Katie
    Age: 28
    Hometown: Nr Peterborough
    How many children you have (and ages?): 1 boy aged 2yrs
    Due date (if you've calculated that yet): approx 5th April
    How many children you'd like: 2

  • Name: Emma

    Age: 27

    Hometown: York

    How many children you have (and ages?): one dd aged two - Mya

    Due date (if you've calculated that yet): 10th April

    How many children you'd like: ideally 9 but realistically prob 4

    Gosh I feel old last time I was 24 and one of the not good! Lol
  • Haha! I always feel like the youngest, had my DD at 19, went to a latch on group and it took me ages to come out of my shell as most of the mums were in their 30s image

  • Hi all

    I'm Amanda, I'm 30 and live in Manchester. I have one DD already Sophie who is 2.

    Due date 17th April and I would only like 2 in total image
  • Hi all,

    I'm Jen, I'm 33(only just!) and live in Leeds.  I have one DS (Jack, 9) and one DD (Anya, 2). 

    Not too sure on the due date, I think it's 14th April.... but cycles have been mental lately with one missed period last month so its a guesstimate atm.

    This will be our last child... I think 3 is more than enough to handle. 

  • Not far from me Jen! image
  • You could do one born every minute! That's filmed at LGI now! Lol
  • Hi I'm finally joining you. Just got my BFP a couple of hours ago. I've been watching this group hoping I could join!!

    I'm Vicky and I'm 29. I live in York (I see you are in York too Emma). I have a 15 month old DS who is a April 2011 baby.

    Quite a few northern girls I see!
  • Hey vicky!

    Gosh there does seem to be a few northern lasses on here recently!

    What side of York are you from?

  • Hey,

    I'm Nikki, I'm an oldie at 33 and live in Durham.

    Got one DD who was 2 in June, and I definitely don't want any more than 2... tired and knackered enough as it is! xx 

  • Hi ladies,

    I'm Ele, I live in north notts. this is our first and my estimated due date is 14th April. My last three cycles (clomid cycles) varied from 27-31 days so ...

    It's nice to find others on here with similar dates
  • Hi ladies,

    I'm Marie, I'm 27, from Scotland, have one boy already at 2 1/2, estimated due date 16th April, and only plan on having the two x
  • Hi Emma. I live on leeman road. Where abouts are you from? I'm actually from the north east orginally.
  • Marie - you could be our furthest northern mummy!

    Vicky - Oh not far! I live Just off tang hall lane image
  • Hi ladies, 

    I'm palvi.. i'm 22 from california-US, expecting my frst baby . . . . 


  • Hey palvi,

    Wow!! Our first overseas mummy!

  • Hi everyone,

    This pregnancy is completely unexpected and to be honest I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I only did a pregnancy test as I was feeling nauseous all the time and wasn't really expecting it to be positive!

    Name: Emma

    Age: 29

    Hometown: Brighton, East Sussex

    How many children you have (and ages?): Two; 1 DD, Isabelle who will be 4 in a few days on the 16th Aug and 1 DS, Thomas who is 2 1/2.

    Due date (if you've calculated that yet): Approx 2nd April

    How many children you'd like: Only wanted 2 so this will definitely be my last! I plan on getting sterilised at the birth of this baby; I will be having a c-section as I've already had 2 previous.

    Look forward to chatting with you all for the next 8 months!

    Emma image


  • thanks baby boom... !!! i really love this forums... very interesting and useful toooo.. i found answers 4 my numerous questions here..... and cant wait to join u... image

  • Oops 2monkeys!! Were here if you need to talk or moan, highs or lows! For now just try to digest the news! image

    Sweetlove I'm glad to hear your finding it positive been here!

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