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Think my doctor is talking cr*p!!

Went to see the doctor today to tell him I was pregnant, and to get into the system (he's an idiot at the best of times....doesn't look at you when he's talking to you....but anyway!).

He asked when my last period was, then told me the wrong due date!

Did my blood pressure...which was fine.

He then said that the next time I'd see someone would be at my 12 week scan, and they'd do all the booking paperwork at the same time!?! This doesn't sound right to me. When I had DS I saw the doctor at 5 weeks, the midwife (at the doctors surgery) for the booking in at about 8/9 weeks, then went to the hospital for the scan at 12 weeks. I said this to him (said maybe things were different where we used to live), but he said he'd never heard of it not all being done at the same time as the scan!

Surely before the scan someone needs to have got all your details, and also spoken to you about the tests (ie blood ones, and the nucal fold one that they do at the scan).

Can someone tell me what has happened with them?

I'm going to phone the midwife team directly when I get a chance to ask them, but just wondered what everyone else thought was happening.

Thanks. x


  • Hmm hate to say this but he might be right. Die to all the cuts the maternity services are pretty terrible at the mo.
  • Omg I can't believe your blood pressure was normal after that!!

    No its NOT standard practice in the NHS to do your booking in at the scan appt! You see your gp to register the pg then at 8 weeks ish book in with mw then u have ur dating scan at hospital. This is current best practice and trust should not be cutting back this service. The checks and tests at 8 weeks are an important step to good natal health!

    I would call your midwife team to see what's happening.
  • With DD I had the three visits (GP, midwife and dating scan) and I'm hoping it hasn't changed since then image

    Apparently a lot has changed in the last three years, heard from a friend who's just about to pop that in our local hosp the fathers are now allowed to stay in overnight (if they don't mind sleeping in a chair). Will just have to see what they say I guess, but that sounds awful Squirt! Hope you can get it sorted and get the natal care you're hoping for image xx

  • Maybe different areas have different rules but I was told you don't even need to see your doctor now to tell them you are pregnant, you just book straight with the midwife.

    Your midwife will see you around 8 weeks & book you in for your 12 week scan.

    I would definitely ring the midwife direct. xx

  • Just called my drs and I only see a midwife and I cant see her until

    29th when I think I will be 7 wks. The apt is half an hour long.

    When I was pregnant first time round, I saw a dr who did a test to confirm I was pregnant, then they referred me to midwife and she came

    Round my house and stayed for a good hour.

    That was a different council though so things are prob different up and down the country x
  • Squirt - did you call mw today?
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