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finally a good news . . . but nervous.... !!!!

My period was due by 7th aug and i took 3 tests from then.. all gave me a positive result..

But i donno to what extent the home pregnancy tests are accurate!! when i called my doctor's office, they gave me 1st appointment @week 9 ie,. sep 11th ... Is there any possibility to confirm my pregnancy before doctor appt??? 

But i'm so curious with so many doubts in mind( because it was the first time and i donno much about pregnancy).. 

I have all the symptoms that are possible( few may be out of my imagination, and some because of stress).. is it possible that i have too many symptoms like nausea, lack of apetite, smell sensitivity, sound sensitivity and many more?? is there any one facing the same situation?



  • Do i really need to wait for one more month for confirmation? how can i know what is going on inside me?? is everything ok with my baby?? soo worried...!!!


  • Congratulations!!

    Your appt should be with the mw to book you in, that's perfectly normal.

    Home pregnancy tests are the same as a doctors urine test, so he won't re-test you. image

    You just need to wait till your twelve week scan like rest if us or pay for an early scan (from 7 weeks) or buy a doppler which you can use at home to listen to baby from approx 9 weeks.

    Relax though.

    When you due? image
  • thanx baby boom... my baby is due in april 2013.... i'm in my 6th week now... but this was my frst pegnancy so i'm soo curious abt how things are happening inside me.... image


  • It's an amazing process.....I'm always fascinated reading about how baby is growing etc. I'm 5 weeks + 3 days.

    You'll get loads of help and support her to stick with us ladies, everyone has good advice to give from there own experience, even you will have.

  • Hi hun, just to put your mind at rest - you can't get a false positive. Your levels of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) are very tiny when not pregnant but rise dramatically after the embryo has implanted in the wall of your uterus, and the pregnancy test will be testing for high levels of HCG. So if you've had a positive test you most certainly are pregnant! Congrats hun, I'm 5 weeks along today and still worried but getting a bit excited.

    Let us know how you get on at the doc's xx

  • happy to see some people with same due date as mine.... !!!! wish Happy and healthy 9 months for all... !!!

  • im due on the 15th of april! image x hope you have a happy and healthy nine month hun, this is my first too .. sooo, im poo'ing myself about it and really dont know what to expect.. ive already started my sickness at 5+2.. awful! all will be worth it. lol xx 

  • Thanx katiejayne...!! even my due date is 15th..(according to my calculation) eagerly waiting to see my baby in scan.... but got my appt after my 9 th week... tough to wait for such a long time..... have u met ur doc yet??? 

  • Congrats sweet love! My edd is 14th April and it's my first too. Were all the same very nervous and anxious.

    I have seen my midwife and gp already, because I was under the hospital and on clomid, due to iffy progesterone levels.

    Good luck and enjoy every day.
  • Congratulations. I cant really say anything more than the other ladies have said. But Huge congratulations and welcome to the group x

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