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50 shades babies?!

I read an article in the paper about a month ago that predicted a huge number of babies born in March/Apr 2013 would be a result of the 50 shades trilogy...wondered how true it was?!

Lolo x


  • Hahaha my husband jokes ours is. We conceived whilst on holiday in Crete (baby due April) and guess what I was reading!!! Finished all three in five days. X
  • I read all 3 in 5 days too! My hubby reckons ours is.....def gave me a boost when we'd been trying for so long! x

  • LOL ours definitely is! Don't know when we conceived exactly but there was one week around 3 weeks ago where we DTD virtually every night....courtesy of Mr Grey. Hubby said I was leering at him constantly!

  • Haha love it!
  • Haha!! Mine definitely isn't! Haven't read any of them. I work in a bookshop and got sick of the sight of them after a few days lol!! Literally every person coming into the shop was asking for them, put me right off haha. Even had women in their 70s and 80s asking for them, not really knowing what they're about lol. Guess most of the boys will be called Christian? image

  • I actually do like the name Christian but my brother is Kristian so that wouldn't work....

    Did anyone watch that programme last night about the books? The author is pretty plain... getting on a bit with huge bags under her eyes. You just can't imagine how these thoughts have gone through her head.....(I know that sounds really judgmental oops)

    Hubby was trying to appear disinterested but I caught him having a few sneaky looks x 


  • Ooo didn't see that, what channel was it on? I was intrigued by the author. When I started reading them on the plane out to crete my hubby read over my shoulder, then his draw dropped! Haha no Christians or anastasia's here either.
  • defo not ours, not read any of them! x

  • uum well, i'd be lying if i said no!!!!!!!!! 

  • uum well, i'd be lying if i said no!!!!!!!!! 

  • Mine def is a 50shades baby...I'm from the march forum...*waves hello!*!

  • lol ive read the first two books but got fed up with them and started reading something else last month while ttc so not technically!
  • Not technically... I did read them but a while ago now so not really whilst we were ttc lol bet people will assume though!!!

  • Definitely not a fifty shades baby.

    Have read the books since getting pg though xx

  • Devon_Mummy I agree I'm totally bored of it now, on the third book and desperate to finish so I can read something else!

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