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Horrible Pains.....

Hi girls,

Wondering whether anyone can put my mind at rest? I've been getting horrible stabbing / shooting pains really low down today, I suppose about the same place as my pubic bone.

That combined with general dullness and AF like cramps in back. Is this a bad sign? I suddenly have a horrible feeling. image


  • Haven't had any shooting pains but AF cramps are getting worse. Hope it's all just stretching for both of us. Am sure someone with some more experience will be along in a minute xx
  • Thanks MonkeyNuts I'm hoping it's wind....!

  • I keep getting those, I remember them being quite strong with DD so am just assuming it's everything re-stretching xx

  • Thanks Lau89 that's reassuring. Think I'm going to go to bed with a cuppa and to read 50!

    Like a couple of people have said already, I love this group xx 

  • It'll just be things settling in and stretching etc. I've got terrible af cramps too. With my ds I didn't get a bfp till I was 4 days late and I was convinced I was gonna come on cos the af pains were really bad!!! FC but I'm sure it's normal.
  • Thanks Mand they've settled down a lot now, still occasionally get the odd cramp but I'm not too worried, trying to go with the flow! x 

  • Hey pinklullaby, I'm 5 weeks preg and had a couple shooting pains here and there yesterday. I'm guessing things are just stretching about down there image xx
  • Yeah I guess so, everything's settled down now and I'm worried I'm feeling too good now.... ha ha I'm such a worrier can't win! x So Pudsey are you due 22nd Apr? If so we're due date buddies x 

  • hi pink glad you're ok. ive been having weird achy pains in my hips today, really hope its just stretching. i can't remember what i felt like this early with dd!
  • ps im five weeks tomoro so guess its similar things to you!
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