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I've booked my early scan!

Feeling so excited now. Booked my early scan for 9th Sept. I don't think I will really believe it until I see it on the screen - it can't come soon enough!!

Anyone else having one?



  • No but I've booked first docs appointment now. They're usually not very quick so wasn't expecting to get one for a week or 2 but they're seeing me Monday. Then all will become a bit clearer I guess as to what process is.

    Excited for your early scan x 

  • Oooo exciting!

  • Got mine tomorrow, can't wait x
  • Ooooh I'm jealous. How far along will you all be? Seriously thinking about booking one....
  • 7 + 4, I just want to make sure everything is ok.


  • How did it go mtbchick?

  • Good thanks, baby measuring 7+5 x
  • Hurrah! Think I might wait another week or so and then book one. Would like the reassurance x
  • Can you get an early scan on the NHS or do you have to do it privately? x

  • i havent booked an early scan, but im so excited for my first antenatal appointment on Friday. over the moon that i'm pregnant but i dont think it'll sink in properly till i see it on my 12 week scan x

  • Awww Good luck... its so lovely to have an early scan and the difference at 12 weeks is unbelievable.

    I had one through NHS with DS and Id had previous miscarriages and was anxious. It helped my anxiety... wondering if they will do me one this time... i will ask when I go to see GP next week x

  • My GP told me that he would refer me for an early scan this time as I have had two mc's. My midwife told me THAT I HAD ONLY HAD TWO so it was highly unlikely that I would be allowed a scan.

    EPAC have said that if they have room they will scan me at 7.5 to 8 weeks. If they won't I will get GP to refer me direct.

    I started bleeding the last week but MW wasn't interested as it was too early to do anything. If this pregnancy does progress we won't be seeing eye to eye! x

  • Ooooh anxious mummy what a tough start you've had to this pregnancy! That is very harsh re 'only 2 miscarriages' !!

    Hope you manage to get a bit more support as the pregnancy goes on x
  • I have only spoken to her twice - and twice she has had me in tears! First was with above comment and second time was after I told her I was bleeding she said that she would phone me at 8 weeks to arrange the booking in appointment IF I WAS STILL PREGNANT! Cheers love just what I want to hear when I am crapping my pants about losing the baby! x

  • But yes heres to hoping that she turns out to be nice reallyimage

  • It's amazing how insensitive these 'professionals' can be during early pregnancy, as though it doesn't really matter.

    My in-laws are both GP's and told me this weekend (when I was having pains and bleeding) to just think of it as a late period. Just a bunch of cells at this stage.... Jeez!

    The epu this morning said they were full and to do a pregnancy test in a week's time... Nice! My own GP was lovely though and he referred me to the epu himself and the scan confirmed.all is well.

    Some midwives can be very stern but I think they tend to soften towards you the further along you become in your pregnancy, whether that's because they get to know you a bit more I don't know.

    Hope your midwife thaws out for you, nothing worse than having a miserable cow prodding you tummy and taking your blood!!!
  • Hey, booked mine today for the 8th sept. I can't wait on 2wweks 4 days to wait.

    @anxiousmummy I'm so sorry you are having a tough time. How many weeks are you? (sorry if you have already said and I missed it)

    The one thing I'm a little worried about is if they have to do a vaginal US. Are they safe to have so early on. I'll be 7 weeks when I go for the scan. Xx
  • I'm 6+5 today. Started bleeding and cramping this evening. Feel like its game over. Unfortunately I have been right twice before image
  • Oh anxiousmummy I'm so so sorry. How are you today? Have you been to the hospital?

    I'm hoping your ok and sending you lots of love! Xx
  • I have my 3rd scan on 30th Aug.

    Anxiousmummy I hope you are okay xxx

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