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ovarian cyst

Yesterday at my scan I was told I have a ovarian cyst. I know there common so wondered if anyone else had had one in pregnancy and how it affected them. I'm in a lot of pain! X


  • A friend of mine had one, which caused a bleed at week 8. She was uncomfortable and had to rest for 5/6 days but her pregnancy has continued fine.

    Good luck hun. X
  • Thanks ele, did she have it removed or did it just go?

  • They suspected the bleeding was from the cyst and when ahe went for her 12 week scan it had disappeared. They thought I had one in march, turned out to be fibroids but when they thought it was a cyst they said it would be fine if I got pregnant. They quite often apper and disappear without people even knowing they've had them. Keep resting hun and stay positive Xx
  • I found out on weds at my 12 week scan that I've got one. It absolutely kills! I think it has been the cause of my bleeding.
  • The nurse said the cyst wouldn't be the reason for my bleeding, but was the reason for my pain.

    I hope it goes soon! I'm worried about it affecting baby, I'm guessing it shouldn't?

  • I don't think it affects baby so long as the cyst stays small. I'd read on nhs site that cysts can cause bleeding. The sonographer at the scan didn't say anything other than the hospital wouldn't worry about it so long as it stayed under 3cm (mines 2.8cm). Maybe I'll ring my midwife and ask. Not due to see her until mid september. I had stopped worrying about the spotting as I thought it was the cyst - I guess this is just going to be one of those pregnancies!
  • I have just been diagnosed with PCOS but the last scan I had last year showed no cysts at present... and Ive never had  one in pregnancy though but im sure its nothing to worry about just take it easy x

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