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Pregnancy Journals

Hi ladies I hope you are all well this morning. I'm not sure if any of you have thought about keeping a pregnancy journal. I decided last week that it might be a now idea. I spent quite a while researching and settled for 'bump to birthday, pregnancy and the first year' ??13.99 on amazon. It's just arrived!!! I'm very happy with it. I'm not going to start it yet, will keep making notes on my pregnancy app and will transfer things at a later stage. (after 12 weeks) It's a very British book, the majority when I looked seemed to be quite American. I'm thrilled with it and after blubbering whilst looking through (think today's going to be one of those days!) I've put it safely away in the study until the time comes to start completing it.


  • Oooo that sounds like a good one! Ok price too.

    I know what you mean about them normally been American image

    I never kept a pregnancy diary last time, I just did a first year one. But I did keep a photo diary.....photographed bump every week, my tests, my gifts etc.

  • I think this is a lovely idea... i think im going keep a pregnancy diary for this one... i kept a pregnancy/first year book for my dd but i was so ill and had such a hard pregnancy for my son i didnt do anything and I regret it (well i say nothing - they both have memory boxes)

    Have lots of fun filling it in huni x

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