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hows everyone feeling?

well.. getting my morning sickness, well and good now.. can't even travel in the car without stopping 60 million times every 2 seconds. All i fancy eating is mash potato & yorkshire puddings lol! Chicken and pasta, was once my favourite foods, I now cannot stand the sight of them, eww!! so strange.. my bellys preparing for its bump, putting a bit of weight on around my stomach area, ( usually have a flat tummy) its now just a podge! image and... got my booking in appointment in 2 weeks today, very excited and everything is becoming a bit more real now.. wish the sickness would bugger off, but as i believe its a sign of a happy and healthy pregnancy, so all is well.. ive found the slush puppies ease of the sickness, ginger ale and ginger biscuits. How are you girlies? imageimage


  • Errr yuck! Lol Hope it doesn't get to bad for you.

    I'm good thank-you.

    Bleeding seems to have stopped (touch wood)! Feeling really tired. Tummy feeling full. Not excited yet, still feeling apprehensive.

    I too have my booking in appt soon - 6th Sept! image

  • Me too... Feeling ??ber tired, sore boobies, headaches, general feeling of nausea, tummy feeling full and I think my food is digesting slower than usual...

    Am excited though, although not looking forward to the vomiting when it starts (probs in about 2 weeks time...)

    I haven't made my booking in appt yet, my emergency scan yesterday confirmed that I'm only 5 weeks preg, so I have to wait another 3 weeks!!!

    I can't wait to bypass this horrible stage and get to the part where I'm big and round and blossoming!! Love it!! Xx
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