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i found out last week i was pregnant with my first child, i am around 6 weeks. i have saw alot of people have been getting morning sickness, but its on a night time i have been getting the sickness from 7-10pm i feel very faint, hot and really sick.

as this is my first pregnancy im just looking for advice and more info to see if this is as normal of morning sickness.

thanks, Hannah x


  • Hi hannah,

    Congratulations! I'm pregnant with my second baby and I have evening sickness too. Feel fine in the mornings and it hits me about 6.30pm. Try to make sure you eat dinner early, it seems to help me.



  • Congratulations.

    My advice would be get fresh air if possible keep cool light clothes / bed covers, drink plenty of water to keep hydrated if you are sick. Ginger biscuits are supposed to be good. Also travel sickness wrist bands.

    Try relax.

    In time this stage should pass. image

  • Congratulations!!

    Bananas and advocado if you can stomach either are also suppose to be good and have been working for me (as well as dry plain biscuits) mine starts at 430am and last until late afternoon most days.
  • Hey hun, congrats! I had exactly the same with my first, started feeling sick around 6.30ish then would be sick around 9ish. With this one I seem to have constant nausea, but haven't been sick yet (knock on wood lol), although the way I've been feeling at the mo I think I'd rather be sick once or twice than constant nausea. It'll pass soon hun, just eat ginger biscuits when you're feeling sick and drink lots of water xx

  • Congrats!

    Morning sickness my foot. Currently feeling I'll for most of the day. Whoever dreamt up that name should be shot!

    Good suggestions above for dealing with it. I'm currently consuming inhuman amounts of dry crackers and fizzy water. Helping so far

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