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Anyone using Cyclogest?

Hi, I got my BFP last Wednesday! My due date is 8th April 2013. My consultant has put me on the progesterone pessaries called Cyclogest due to recurring MC's. Has anyone else been prescribed these pessaries that have to be inserted vaginally and if so, how do you manage to insert them high into the vagina and get them to stay there?? I apologise about the TMI but it's driving me mad as I don't seem to be able to get them high enough and they keep slipping out!!! Many thanks BM xxxxx


  • I didnt want to read and run but ive no answer sorry... I hope someone else can answer for you. I just wanted to say congratulations and heres hoping for a sticky bean for u xxxxxxx

  • I've no personal experience of this sort of pesserie.....however....haven't you been supplied with a applicator? Normally they come with them to help apply it in the right place.

    I think it would be tricky to apply it correctly without one, I doubt your fingers could get enough distance. Perhaps ask your cons or pharmacy.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

  • Hello Babymonkey, I had IVF and had these pessaries until i was 14 weeks pregnant!argh!i found it better to lay on my back, as suggested by fertility clinic, that way i could get the applicator high enough before squeezing, good luck! there not great because sometimes my body didnt absorb them and end up with it coming down to the entrance of my vagina!

  • Thanks ladies.

    I haven't got an applicator but I have worked out a way that I can get it high enough to stay in long enough for the progesterone to be absorbed. I use a tampon applicator lol!!!

    They are awful things to get in! During my last pregnancy I had progesterone injections which ok, were uncomfortable but a lot easier!

    Thanks again for your replies

    bm xxx
  • Hi babymonkey

    I found lying down for 20 minutes helped to let them melt, otherwise they sometimes fall out.  I have had IVF and am also using them and wasn't given an applicator either. 

    Hope this works.

    V xx

  • Anyone still on this forum? Have just taken my first (and hopefully last...) image round of clomid. Chickened out first few times because of the side effects but then thought I needed to bite the bullet. Thank goodness it wasn't as bad as I'd feared. Now 3dpo but my specialist wants me to take cyclogest from tomorrow. Absolutely petrified reading the side effects. Has anone had any success (or horror) stories with cyclogest? x

  • Hello, I found out I was pregnant last Wednesday morning, but for a week before I had been spotting, so I went to the Dr and I'm on 200mg Cyclogest in the morning and at night, the Dr wants me to stay on them until spotting stops (which it almost has after 2 days) I'm going in to see the Dr again next week and will hopefully do a blood test to confirm whether I'm still pregnant (I hope I am! ! ) and then she might prescribe it for me until 12 weeks, will just have to wait and see though... 

    Did you end up taking the Cyclogest Rach26?  

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  • Yes I use it and I was having trouble as well. I found it easy to prop your leg up and go in at an angle using the middle finger. 

  • Hey.

    I wasn't given an applicator either so have been guessing. My problem is I stand up too quick and it sometimes falls out which had me panicking it wasn't preparing me for egg transfer! 

  • Hello,

    I was just wondering do you get an applicator with Cyclogest? Are they available?

    Would anyone use it and would people feel comfortable reusing the same one, or would it need to be disposable ?

    Thanks xxx

  • Hi I too am holding on to my cyclogest I'm too scared to use them I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and have been told to use them till 33weeks. Iv not heard of any side affects, what would they be? 

  • Hi mama2b. i was given progesterone pressaries to use in my last pregnancy (due to miscarrying my first 2). I took them from 3dpo until 12 weeks. Side effects for me included hot flashes, bloating, bowel changes, headaches etc. Yes there were some aid effects but nothing unbearable and certainly all with it to get my baby!

    any other questions you have... please feel free to ask. 

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