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12 week scan dates!



  • I have my scan THIS week!!!!!! Excited and terrified in equal measure xxx
  • Hey Mummy Martin how did your scan go today? It's exciting all these scans coming round. I still don't have date but seeing MW tomorrow so hoping to get date sorted soon x 

  • Have my scan on Friday, can't wait! x


  • Hi ladies

    Very Jew,our about upcoming scan dates. Booked mine in with MW today and she couldn't make me an appt for 12 weeks as "the department is closed on that day" so I'll be 13+3 by the time I have it. I don't think I'm going to wait though. I was already nervous about having to wait a week for the results so I'm going to try and get the nuchal screening done privately.
  • Not very Jew, that makes no sense! Should have said very jealous!
  • 13+3 is late MN, I thought they had to do it between 11-13 for nuchal screening? How many weeks are you now? MTBchick mine is Thursday, fingers crossed for us both!!! Xx
  • 9+1 now Wilma - just refuse to wait another month! So have booked one privately at 11+4. Annoyed to have to pay but relieved it will be done and the bonus is u'll get the results within the hour.

    Good luck for Wilma and MTB !!
  • 2ndof october,   2 weeks today!! yayyy, ill be 12 weeks image xx

  • Haha could have read that from your ticker MN... Oops! Not long katiejayne x
  • I've got mine a week today! Can't wait! It seems to have come round so quickly, and I managed to convince myself the other day I was having twins lol! I had a dream, and then woke up really bloated and DD's childminder asked if I was having twins lol (I told her a couple of weeks ago and we're pretty close friends so I didn't mind lol!). The only twins in the family are OH's dad but I always thought twins ran through the maternal side. Ah well, will just have to wait and see! xx

  • Katiejayne we are due date buddies and scan date buddies! How spooky!

    How exciting are all these scans!

    Exciting next few weeks for us ladies image

  • My scan is on 8th October, I'll be 12+4. I was really surprised at how quickly they sent my scan date through. We had our booking in appt on tues, I had my scan appt through the post by thurs!! We heard the heartbeat on tues, so very excited about seeing baby.
  • my scan date us October 11 so Im one of the last x
  • I'm 12 weeks today, but still got another week + 3 days until my scan :0(  Feels like forever away.


  • Devon mummy - dont worry you re not the last , just got mine today , its 16 th October ! I ll be 12 + 1 xxx
  • Yey mummy060409 glad you got your date x we must be due around the same week?
  • finally got my date will be 8th october and i'll be 12+6 x

  • Hi devon mummy , my due date from lmp is 29 th april.but that may move to may after scan if i ovd later x x when are u due ? Xx
  • Im due April 23 according to my dates x
  • Well I STILL don't have my scan date through, getting really irritated now. I've been away with work on a conference and was expecting it through post when I got back but nothing. Going to wait til the post comes today (working from home all day) and if not call the midwife and see what's going on. I had my booking in appt last Tuesday and she said if the date wasn't here by middle of this week to give her a call.

    I'm not worried as she said as long as it's done by 14 wks that's the main thing, but it's just planning the time out from work for both me and hubby x 

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