how is everyone?

just wondering if everyone is ok as its gone quiet! ive been feeling really rubbish this week, mega tired, sore boobs, bloated (i look about five months pregnant) and really nauseous but hoping these are good signs. thus first trimester drags so much! not heard anything from the midwife yet for a booking in appointment so will call them at the end of next week if they haven't called by then as ill be nearly nine weeks. had my wedding anniversary dinner this and had a bit of s stress because Im veggie and the only veggie option was goats cheese so i had to tell the waitress i was pregnant and they were so lovely and organised a stuffed pepper with mozzarella for me. felt really weird telling someone i was pregnant! got my job interview next week. really worried it will be obvious Im pregnant and still feel guilty that Im still.going for it as know Im pregnant (i didnt when i applied) but iwould really love the job and would be in a worse position to carry on being jobless. still worrying all the time about a mc happening again, was convinced saw a tiny speck of blood when i wiped today but keeping fingers crossed x


  • Hi Devon Mummy i agree its quiet on here. I guess its kind of limbo land time , everyone wishing 12 weeks to come around !

    I can totally relate to those symptoms , my boobs are so sore especially at night and when i wake up. The tiredness is up and down at the minute but the nausea was on and off since about 5 weeks but yesterday and today its terrible , i feel like i have a constant hangover thats the only way i can descibe it image im happy as im hoping its a good sign but also hoping i dont have it for 16 weeks again like with dd.

    I know what you mean about it being weird telling random ppl ,when i was preg with dd i ended up.telling a couole on a long haul flight as i didnt want them thinking i was weird , in toilet all time and eating lots of hula hoops ( thats all i could stomache !)

    6 weeks + 4 days today for me and my symptoms are : v bad nausea , on and off tiredness , v sore boobs , wet feeling down there ,sorry tmi ,i dont have food aversions as such im just off eating most stuff generally at the mo image

  • Its very quiet in here. I've been feeling rough too, low blood pressure, dizzy, headaches and nausea. Seeing the midwife on Tuesday and should get my scan date then. I'm almost 11 weeks! Can't wait for the 2nd trimester. Hope everyone is ok x
  • hi mtmm060409 yes hungover, that's exactly how i feel at the mo! i do worry about telling anyone, even random people before the twelve week scan as before the last pregnancy with the mmc i randomly told a mum don't know in the library (we were talking about the age difference of her kids) and i saw her a couple of weeks ago in the street and she looked at me funny, must have been wondering why i haven't got a huge bump!
  • Hey, I'm still feeling pretty rough too... 2nd trimester can't come quick enough! It's definitely limbo time, I'm more confident since my scan last week but I'm still trying to reign in the excitement so as not to get carried away. Have started thinking names tho image more sure than ever this baby is another girl as I never felt this rough when I was pregnant with my little boy x
  • All good here, sickness has eased off - am 10+4 and I managed to find babies heart beat on my doppler last night, a lovely sound image.  Still not seen a midwife yet though and no idea when my scan will be image.  Hopefully it will be in the next few weeks.  Can't wait for us all to be over the first trimester hurdle! x

  • I've been feeling nauseas the majority of the day, been wearing anti-sickness bands that are taking the edge of it. So far not actually been sick. Trying to see the feeling sick as a positive sign. 10 weeks today (supposedly), only another 3 weeks 3 days until my scan...feels like forever.

    Plus work have annoyed me today with a stupid comment.


  • oh no squirt what did they say?

  • Hi.. i'm 9 weeks now... waiting for my first gynic appt ( on 11 th sep). I jus have all the symptoms.. like nausea, vomitings, dizziness and above all food aversions...!! busy searching for milk alternatives as i don like milk anymore....!!!! Too emotional and very sensitive to smells and sounds....!!!!!! I know all these are good signs but me and my husband so much worried about my food whether it is sufficient to provide all required nutrients to my baby.... waiting for my second trimister ....... as i heard it'll be the best part of pregnancy....

  • Hi everyone.  I hate being tired all the time. That's the only symptom I have these days.  Felt nauseaus for two days a couple of weeks ago, had sore nipples for about a week but that's also stopped.  I have put on so much weight throught eating crap and I wish I took better care of my body as I look 5 months gone if I breath normally.  At work, everytime I get up from my desk I have to breathe in so no see's how fat I am or suspect anything.  I am forever worrying, the slighest cramp, the wetness down below just anything really.  Just had sushi from asda which expired yesterday (didnt check the date until after I ate it) and now feel weird twinges in my belly.  I know its nothing but I cant stop worrying. Its horrible the 1st trimester. I wont let OH near me, I'm in bed by 9pm everynight and falling asleep on the sofa around 8pm.  I have no energy to play with DD which I feel really bad about.  Why cant it be November and we should all of had our 12 scan and symptoms should be easing off!!

  • think we are all just so rough and feeling sorry for ourselves that we just want to hide in our duvets lol! have same hangover symptoms as everybody else, wish i could fall asleep and wake up in april, got a few people suspecting cos i have been ill so for a wee while now and they know me well enough to know i dont get ill alot, just had my mid year review with my boss so told her, she was ok about it so thats good, waiting on a few people coming out and asking me as feel its very obvious due to bloated belly and massive boobs, think i will just tell anybody that asks seeing as i'm 9 weeks now, midwife on tuesday finally! didnt take as long as i thot for it to come round x

  • Hey hun... I really feel for u, being pregnant and avoiding food must be so hard when veggie cos Ive noticed loads of places offer goats cheese as a veggie option.

    Im not very sick just get the odd wave here and there but its usually trigged by something like a smell or sight... more like when I was preg with dd then ds... i was really sick with ds. My boobs are sooooo sore though i hate not having a bra on as the lack of support seems to make them worse.... im so tired though and think i could sleep the clock round atm. Im struggling with my stomach too... im either constipated... or got diarrhea (tmi) and terrible wind and bloated... but this could be the iron tablets im on instead of pregnancy related... although i did suffer with constipation when pregnant with dd x

  • Oh yeah I've had the awful tummyache too! Bloated and windy and constipated. It's bloody awful!!! Sickness seems to have eased off, although I was pretty violently sick the other night after drinking about a litre of orange juice, and now I can't even think about orange juice without feeling sick.

    I've also been pretty peeved at OH lately, we're moving house and he seems to think it's ok to make me love shitloads of fairly heavy stuff. I really wouldn't mind usually but last time I was pg we moved house and I managed to twist my pelvis by kicking a heavy box around (thinking I shouldn't be lifting it lol ... oh the irony!!) so now I'm feeling pretty shit, have developed a cold/fluey type thing which is making me feel so run down and awful but I can't stop and rest until we're all moved out image It really sucks ass!

    Anywho, roll on 12 weeks! Just waiting for a scan appointment to come through and I'll be happy. Oh, and I told the midwife that I wanted a home-birth and she was pretty ecstatic about it! Yay! x

  • Hi everyone. I am still feeling really tired but i hit 9 weeks and stopped feeling so sick and boobs don't hurt as much (to be honest, feeling better just worried me!). I am 10.5 weeks now so only just over 1.5 weeks til my scan. My tummy seems to have exploded outwards in the last few days though. My weight is often up and down though so I  think people will just think I am having a lardy month or two!

  • Feeling AWFUL and getting very fat!

    Will be amazed if I can keep this quiet until 12 weeks

    Also, get this - was SO tired I had to go for a cat nap in my car at lunchtime!!!! Literally couldn't keep my eyes open. This is getting ridiculous! Xx
  • Hi ladies, we all seem to have lovely strong pregnancy symptoms.

    I'm doing great 9+3 now. I'm still feeling nauseous all day it lifts for around 30 mins after I've eaten. My awful food aversions seem to be easing a little, still can't stomach much meat but have at least managed to cook something twice now other than ready meals (which I hate with a passion) having lives on them for the last ten days. (hubby was away with work so no one to cook for me) The smell or even just the thought of certain things cooking is still makin me sick though.

    My tummy is still expanding, I'm in maternity trousers and have raised my mums wardrobe or tops to help me conceal it at work. Just got to hope I can get through to 1st October (in particular my nieces christening on 30th sep) without it being too obvious. Everything crossed.

    I'm managing to get through Being back at work after being able to take my afternoon naps (I'm a teacher) but in bed by 9pm every night.

    Very nervous and apprehensive still and desperate for the scan to come quickly to know all is ok.

    Big hugs to all.
  • Well, touchwood, the last couple of days I haven't felt sick and haven't had to wear my sickness bands....also hoping it's not a bad sign that my symptoms seem to have decreased.


  • hi squirt2 Im sure its fine as symptoms are supposed to calm down between

    10-12 weeks. im 8 weeks today (not sure why my ticker is one day behind) and still feeling really nauseous. really struggling to do anything and having to eat loads. still worrying about the smear of pale blood a couple of days ago but trying to stay positive, worrying with every twinge and ache though. ive also got this weird thing mild stingy pain shoots down my hip to my thigh like an electric shock. i had thas with my last pregnancy in may so know its pregnancy related. the same hip is also quite sore. not sure if its from lifting dd as i usually do it that side. anyone else get this?
  • When I was 8 weeks I had all kinds of aches and pains - I had bleeding aswell and felt like AF was arriving! I think it must have been breakthrough bleeding though.  Squirt I am just over 11 weeks and I have had a few days when I feel fine and then it comes back.  I think the placenta starts taking over at 10 weeks so symtoms ease off a bit.  All good signs xx

  • Ugh I'm feeling so sick... not actually been sick, but I get this weird thing where after I've eaten and for most of the day actually it feels like the food is lodged in my chest and not moving down to my stomach. So I'm feeling hungry cos my stomach feels empty, but can't eat cos it feels like I have food stuck just below my throat and like it might come back up any minute. Yuck. 

    Also been offered a new job with a great package and flexible hours, but start first week in Oct and terrified of having to tell them I'm pregnant within first couple weeks. Totally dreading it so that's on my mind as well.

    Booking in appt this Tuesday so I guess it will start to feel a lot more real after that. x

  • The nausea is back  :0(

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