first scan done. what is 1st trim. screening??

It was a great feelin watchin the baby for d first time..... i'm so nervous before my appt. but everythin's fine... !! my baby's 2.24 cm long @ 9 weeks.... donno if its the ideal length but doctor said everythin's fine.... i can see the baby's heartbeat.... but can't hear it as my doctor's equipment cant detect it .... but she said everythin lookin ok ...

She asked me to get ready for first trimister screening....!!! which includes two blood tests and one scan.. [email protected] to 14 weeks+scan, one blood @ 20 weeks or so....

tension started again 4 me...... why she's refering to all these things?? is first trimister screening a common thing????? 


  • Is that not just the routine stuff. Bloods are routine and a scan at 11-14 weeks then one around 20 weeks is normal? I had my bloods done at booking in appointment and will have my routine scan at 13 weeks. Had 2 early scans due to bleeding but these werent routine.

    Maybe 1st Trimester is just ur areas term for whats known as routine screening round here? x If u are worried phone up and ask about them... did you not receive any information talking u through the tests etc? x

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