Has anyone else been suffering from insomnia. I'm exhausted. I've been worn out and having to have naps for the last 5 weeks. (I'm 9+6). I went back to work last week (teacher) so have obviously been unable to have a little siesta. I've been ok with this and had been managing by going to bed by 9 every night. For the last three nights though I've woken at around 2am and been unable to get back to sleep. This then leaves me wiped out by 10am at work. Really hoping this doesn't last!!! Has anyone else been having similar problems?


  • Hi! I'm just gatecrashing from due in May but saw your post and can relate to it! I have suffered from insomnia on and off for a few years was at its worst during my first pregnancy and I actually ended up signed off work because I got so exhausted!

    The thing with insomnia is that it can become a vicious circle.... the more you can't sleep, the more tired you get, the more you worry about not sleeping, you start getting anxious about sleep, which stops you from sleeping!! The only advice I can give is don't worry about it and sleep will will probably improve when you get into your second trimester and your body has got used to being pregnant! Try and rest as much as you can and go to bed early but most importantly don't get stressed about it!!

    Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Any more advice on this? I am due early May. I am also a teacher. Last half term I was through the first part and that was just exhausting. I had a few days off due to being so ill and tired. Now I am having insomnia on and off. I usually get this, but as I am pregnant I am worried it is just going to get worse and worse. I am off today because had three hours of very disturbed sleep last night. Last week was the same- but lasted for three days, on and off. The problem is I am worried if I go to doctors they will sign me off and my year 11 classes have exams in January. The pressure at school is immense. 

    What to do? I have done the sleep routine for years- same time, read, get up when can't sleep, cut out coffee and tea. The next thing is to drink all of the fluids before six, but being a teacher it is sometimes hard to find the time to actually get a drink in the first place at work...hmmm tough one really. DOn't want to seem like I am just having time off. It doesn't help that I commute 45mins to and from work eahc day. 



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