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Anyone taken Buccastem tablets for sickness ?

Hi , the sickness is really getting me down now so i was at the docs yest and she prescribed Buccastem tablets. Ive been reading mixed things about them and how safe they are to take etc , does anyone have any experience of these ? Thanks xxxx


  • I have taken these not whilst pregnant tho, be good to know if they are safe to use as have some in cupboard, and to not feel sick would be great right now x
  • I have been taking them for 5 weeks. Its really helped me so much I cant even begin to explain. I am now able to keep down enough water and food to stop me being admitted to hospital. I tried to decrease my dose last week but it didn't go well - i went back to being sick morning, noon and night. Not great with a toddler around who wants to do everything Mummy does! Hoping by 20 weeks it will ease off - just hit 16 weeks so fingers crossed not too long to go.

    I struggled with feelings of whether it was safe to take or no but the doctor took so long to prescribe it (30 mins) it must be the safest thing they can give. If I ended up in hospital they would have given me the same/similar drugs so its preventing that disruption.



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