Everyone ok?

It's gone quiet again, just checking everyones ok? Scans are comin up soon so hopefully that'll offer a few of us some reassurance! My symptoms have tailed off almost completely, just really hungry! Keep waking up in the night to go to the loo and not being able to get back to sleep so really tired too but im coping! Hope all is well with you all x


  • Hello Wilma,

    I'm OK most of the time...feeling bit sick now and again and like something is lodged in my chest so don't feel like eating although I'm starving most of the time!

    Also shattered... early pregnancy exhaustion combined with a toddler who cries out "Mummy" every hour during the night and a cat who refuses to sleep anywhere but our bed (and snores very loudly, and when she's not sleeping purrs right by my face and paws me to death) means I'm feeling the toll and a bit bad tempered.

    I have first booking in appt tomorrow so hoping to get scan date after that. x 

  • Suffering majorly with sickness at the mo , its nearly evrrything i eat now , and when im not being sick its the nausea in.between. my dd has turned into a monster starting nursey so she is being really hard work for me at the mo imageimageimageimageimage

    I am waiting for a call from midwife for a booking in appointment xx
  • Hi ladies, I'm doing ok, still suffering from the constant nausea but my food aversions seem to be easing and am able to eat more again rather than just a few things. Which is a relief I was getting fed up of eating the same thing over and over. I've also been suffering from insomnia and have only been managing about 5 hours of sleep which has left me exhausted. But I'm managing. Hubby's been amazing, although saying that he's out of the country with work this week so I'm home alone.

    I'm also waiting on the hospital to get back to me, I'm under consultant led care and the appointment they've sent me is for too late in my pregnancy. All proving a nightmare and a worry but hopefully it will be sorted soon. Can't wait for our scan now!!

    Hope everyone else is doing ok.
  • Hi ladies, I'm feeling good at the moment, just a little tired and the constant need to pee in the night, other than that I feel normal.

    This is exactly the same way I felt with my little boy!

    Got scan booked for the 6th october xx

  • hi ladies im ok too. really suffering with tiredness and nausea though. had a bit of yellow spotting thurs and Fri but that seems to have stopped for a bit. had a really bad day cos found out yesterday my grandad taken seriously ill so had to travel three hours to see him today. don't think he is going to make it through the night so kind of forgotten about being pregnant. i did tell him about the baby and he squeezed my hand so he must have heard me (haven't told rest of family yet)
  • Hi ladies, sorry you're all suffering image mine wore off as I approached 11 weeks and whilst I'm glad, it does make me nervous not having the symptoms. I had a particularly irrational moment in the shower this morning cos so much hair was coming out in my hands and I wondered if it meant I was no longer pregnant. Silly I know. I've had no bleeding and no pains that cant be explained as ligaments or stretching so hopefully Thursday will be good news for us x
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