1st baby.. visible bump already?

hiya girls, i am 10 weeks, today.. ticker 2 days out.. any ways, ive got a very clear visable bump.. the same bump all my friends had at 14 weeks +... all my family and my partners family, keep telling me its twins! as both our parents uncles + aunties where twins and have skipped the same generation.. spooky?! i  would upload a picture, but my phones poop... what do you think? image




  • It's possible given the family history!! But everyone's different and some pregnancies just show sooner than others, especially of you are quite slim! x
  • I'm 10 + 2 and also have a very visible bump (which I'm trying hard to cover and hide) I had to start wearing maternity trousers/jeans at 7 weeks. My cousin was 8 weeks pregnant at my wedding but looked more like ahe was 14/15 weeks. We are bith slim and a size 10, i put it down to that. Just more noticeable.
  • ive been showing since seven weeks too and gave up and started wearing maternity trousers last week. this is baby number two though . when i told the mw i was wearing maternity clothes she asked if there were twins in the family too. however i was exactly the same with my last pregnancy that ended in mc and there was only only one x not quite sure how im going to hide it from work as i start my new job in two weeks!
  • Sorry if I missed a post but you got the job Sally? Congrats!!!! Xx
  • hi super king yeah i did image just got to keep bump secret for a couple months if possible so i can make a positive impact before i have to tell them :/ anyone found any goodsmart middle hiding tops? i had a quick look in downcast week but got really stressed as most work wear is quite fitted.don't know why maternity year doesn't come in early pregnancy styles!
  • town not down sorry!
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