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Heard the heartbeat

I was clearing through some boxes in the loft a few days ago and found my doppler machine that I used a few times in my last pregnancy. I am only 11 weeks but thought I would give it a go. My DH and I were amazed to actually find the heartbeat. It was amazing to hear and was around 160bpm!! So excited. My Scan is on Friday (21st) so not long to go to see the bean!


  • Aw, I bet that was wonderful! My friend is a midwife and offered to listen for me but I thought it was too early, and besides I have my scan tomorrow so maybe once I know everything's ok we'll try. I have a lastin memory of my midwife trying for 25mins to find my little boys heartbeat when we found out he was gone and I know I'd be petrified if we didn't hear it straight away. x
  • Sounds like we are having our scan on the same day. What time is yours? Mine is 2pm. Sorry to hear you lost your little boy. X
  • 9am!!! One more sleep image

    Thank you x
  • I just realised I got totally ahead of myself and am a day out this week! My scan is on Friday, not tomorrow! Hope yours goes well. Keep me posted!
  • I've just found mine too! I found it last night but then lost it when my phone rang and I moved slightly to reach it (hubby's in Spain with work) laid listening to it tonight phone rings and it disappears again!! Managed to count bpm a few times and it was between 160 and 166 each time. So reassuring! I can't wait for scan, got another week and a half until mine though.
  • Wow. It's lovely to hear it isn't it! I got very excited!
  • Awww its lovely to hear... I sold my doppler after my daughter was born (long story I had terrible depression during and after my daughters birth and drove myself crazy with the doppler and swore blind to hubby i wouldnt become so obsessed again so didnt use one with my son) I do kind of regret not having one in this pregnancy though... not for my old obsessive reasons but just to be able to hear it and share with people image


    Hope ur scan goes well today Kate x

  • My friend has borrowed me hers I'm just waiting for the gel to arrive to have a go x
  • Ha ha I didn't have any proper gel so ended up using some old KY!!! Ha ha
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