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anyone else feeling run down :(

Anyone else just really run down at the mo? i seem to catch o ne thing after another image had a sickness bug at the weekend and just got over that and now streaming with cold. rubbish cos you cant take anything so just fed up image


  • Ah hun sorry to hear you're not well, you can take paracetomol so that might help? (I'm always getting headaches so have taken a few whilst pregnant though not as much as I would usually). If not then lots of orange juice I suppose, and snuggles in a warm blanket.

    I'm not feeling run down, but I'm not exactly glowing... greasy hair, spots etc! It's the same as last time! x 

  • Yes I am, my lo has been ill with different things for the last two weeks and now I have a cold. So tired!

    Hope you are feeling a bit better soon

  • Yes I am soooo tired at the moment and I keep reading that it should be coming to an end soon. It really doesnt feel like it! This is my first baby so its all a bit surreal still! Hope you feel better now x

  • I've got earache and painful sinuses ATM praying it doesn't turn into more. I have my flu jab on Friday so thinking it will probably end up as a cold image
  • Hiya,

    I'm full of cold too its rubbish!

    Its really annoying not being able to resort to lemsip but during my prev pregnancy i spoke to the pharmacist who told me that the boots own lemon drinks don't have whatever we're not allowed so we could have them. Best to check first as this was 5 years ago so ingredients might have changed.

    At the moment i'm dosing myself on paracetemol and my husbands home made lemon drink which is great and you can have them more than 4-6 hourly image

    Its a tspoon of honey, some lemon juice, tspoon of sugar, some pepper, some salt and then boiling water. Mess about with the quantities until you find what suits you. I find its a fine balance between strong enough to be effective and so strong its undrinkable :-P

    Hope we're all feeling better soon,

    Pix x
  • Hi, i hate this first 12 weeks, its stressfful and worrying and you can't begin to enjoy it till you know things are safer. For some of you that know i am taking daily injections, well i am tearful too as my belly is black and blue and i am struggling to find a bit that isn't sore to put the needle in. I suppose i should be grateful that i can rest in the day if i need to and things seem to be going ok. Its nice to be able to have a moan on here without bothering hubby.

     Homemade lemon drinks really do work by the way, defo stick with them, lots of vitamin c as well. Hope you are all gonna feel better soon.

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